My Gameboy color won't turn on

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Apr 11, 2023
Game Boy Color
It worked last time I used it about a year ago. I went to use it yesterday with new batteries, but I'm not even getting the led to light up. I tried running it off a power brick and still nothing. I tested the power switch and fuses and there all fine. Dose anyone have any idea why its not turning on?

Thank you
The next step would be to test if the power brick works with a different system. Also, clean the battery contacts.
I was able to figure it out. One of the traces was damaged on the dc-dc converter. It was a pain to figure it out. I couldn't find a schematic for the dc-dc converter.
How did end up being corroded? Had you worked on the motherboard before or was this a second-hand unit?
I got it at a garage sale about 10 years ago. It had no damage. I've has it put up for a few years and I just got it out. It was just one trace. I have no idea how it would have happened.
Here is a image of the damaged trace. It's the only damage on the unit. It had to be something from the manufacturing process.


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