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Mar 25, 2016
I want to either be respected peacefully or be the type that when you knock me down, I become stronger, like Trump. I want to pay all my long standing debts off, silence the critics, and my mom is getting quite old, so be able to handle her death some day when it happens, heaven forbid, and not let it consume me. I want it so that when I die, more people come to my funeral than what would currently. I want to be bold enough to tell people I love them, even if as a friend. I want science to finally make a breakthrough on whether or not God is real, and if that doesn't happen, I want to find out when I die.

I went to college for game development and my major was Game Art & Animation. I went for 7 months. I didn't finish due to mental problems. And it really didn't teach me much. But I still want to finish an impressive college degree. I want to be understood, such that when I complain about people or things, they know whether I really mean it (chances are I don't). I want to become more spiritual, not necessarily more religious. Big difference.

I want people to cry when I die, and not just my friends, but my enemies too, saying, that was a great person. I want to become rich, and donate half of everything I have. Not just to random charities, but to the people close to me as well.

But most of all, I'm.... I'M....


I just finished my Machinist pre-apprentiship and now I'm trying to get on as an apprentice somewhere. After that I can get my own place and start paying down my debt. Once I get into a routine I'm hoping to start focusing on my diet and weight a bit more.
I need to focus on my diet and weight too. I gained a lot, seemingly due to stress, but lately I have lost some.

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