My Internet Connection has been going on and off


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Jun 13, 2018
So around 5 days ago, I bought Pokemon Ultra Sun, digitally, on my 2012 XY Limited Edition 3DS. I saw it was going to take most of my cubes so I deleted some used data I had from past games. In the process I vaguely remember deleting something I probably shouldn't have, but I shrugged it off. Anyways, the game downloaded well and then I downloaded it's most recent patch (1.2 I think). I also took the time to download the newest system update. 2-3 days go by and the internet starts going on and off, sometimes being replaced by the streetpass connection, other times just disconnecting completely. I can't access anything Internet related no matter how close I stand to the router (and as I tested this right now, nobody at home was using the connection). I went online and saw some people did a factory reset on their 3DS, so I tried that in the Memory Format section, and I can't do it because the Internet doesn't work. I've tried letting the battery die and turning it on again. Disconnecting the internet and connecting it. Nothing works and it's really annoying cause now I can't access my Ultra Sun's internet connectivity features. If anyone knows how to fix this, thank you in advance.

PS: I also tried going on customer support but I do not know my Nintendo ID password/ID nor the email in which I made it since I created it back when I got the 3DS in 2012. I've looked through every email I have and I can't find a recovery email sooo that's also hopeless.
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It's within the whole system, not just when I play pokemon ultra sun. And thank you for the link!

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