My main problem with Pokken


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Jan 31, 2016
Wii U
So i believe this is the first time i made a thread here, i am more of a commenting type i guess. But i thought i would make a thread about this. Why in the name of holy meatball cheese pants did they put rpg elements/stas in the game? So i get it for Main Series games as the Main Series games were never really competitive games plus they were rpgs, So rpg elements are kinda obvious. So the community made them competitive, much like melee, but they were never made that way. Meanwhile Pokken is something new from Nintendo. They are focusing on Online and Tournaments, they already decided to put it into the Pokemon world championships with the main series games and the TCG. So i do not get why they would put stats into the game. So i main Blaziken and have the best stats on him in my game. But if i go over to my friends house to play Pokken with him he might main Lucario so Blaziken will be level 1. Or say a group of Pokken players come to Evo. How would they decide what level? I guess you can just keep everyone one level 1 but that would be pretty lame, but if they wanted to go to say 40, they would need to spend ages leveling everyone up to 20. Nintendo SHOULD give Evo and stuff copies with everyone level 50 or something. But they probably won't. But even if Nintendo did give level 50s to Evo people get to customize the stats to how they like them. You can have 50 attack and nothing else if you want. So the players would need to remember the stats they have at home then enter them to the new Wii u's? No of course not! I swear this one feature is making my fun rating go down at least 5%. No game is perfect but this feature is just completely STUPID.
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I'm pretty torn. I haven't played the game yet and think it looks great, but your description sounds like an annoyance to me too. Thanks for the heads up.
I've only seen some gameplays online and like Shane I thought it was great but if it's like you say then it's slightly stupid lol
Still a great game. I just think a few things are stupid. As long as you do not plan going to tournaments, or going to a friends house it is OK.
^ Nah. Player skill matters most. They matter more on CPU opponents and the Leagues in story mode. The game itself is pretty balanced. I would also not compare to this to any smash game as they are very different kinds of fighting games ESP melee as that game is broken AF. The only broken character in Pokken is Dark mewtwo but I hear they fixed that. The leveling is more to custom the character to your style. My Machamp is level 100 and on hard mode the level 1's give me a good fight.
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Nintendo has never managed their competitive games in a really good way: I mean, just look at Smash. There are plenty of DLC characters, and yet it's always up to the tournament managers to buy them all on all their setups (it has happened quite a few times before, don't know if it has changed though).
It's truly a hassle, and it's sad to hear the same is happening for Pokkén, as well. I mean, why can't they prove to all the skeptics out here, even just once, that their games can be taken seriously?

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