My Nintendo Account won't accept payments - Error code 2813-2470


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Jun 27, 2023
Nintendo 64
Hello I'm currently unable to make payments on my nintendo account. I have used cards and PayPal for the last three years with no issues I have tried PayPal which didn't work so i deleted the link and set up again with no fix. I have contacted PayPal who said the issue is not at their end.
I have tried 4 different bank cards from three different banks and all have failed with an error code 2813-2470. All bank accounts have sufficient funds and I use these constantly. I have contacted the banks who advised there is no issue at their end.
Any help would be really appreciated as I've lost access to my online account and have been unable to purchase games.
I have also tried uploading funds to my account but again that didn't work. I have contacted nintendo a number of times but the only solutions theyve had are buy prepaid cards and leave it for a month and see what happens. I have already left it for a month and nothing chaned.

Thank you
Nintendo is not very clear about what causes this error:

Error Code: 2813-2470

Are you trying to buy a game from outside your region, by any chance? Have you changed your mailing/billing address recently?

Some users have reported that Nintendo told them to wait 30 days for any failed payments to clear from pending status and try again. Not a great solution, obviously.
Hello thank you for your reply. No I've not tried to buy anything outside of my region and my address hasn't changed.

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