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Mar 12, 2015
Nintendo DS Lite
Thought some folks here might enjoy seeing some of my stuff. No longer the 'hardcore' collector/hoarder I was in my teens and 20s, (I had rooms filled with stuff, back then) I instead choose to focus on a mainly Big N-centered handheld collection - Enjoy:

Accessories, cordage, cheat devices, blah blah blah:

Here are some nice cases and shells for swap/sale:

One of my favorites from childhood....this guy is a first release w/Condor Brain, box, and all rockets, and he is super amazing:

That is one amazing collection XD
Digging all your DMGs.. Nostaligia galore!!
Where did you get all those Tetris carts from?

thanks for sharing mate
Thanks, dude. I have more stuff, heh, these are just the two totes I grabbed first. :p

As for the Tetris carts, I have more around here. It is such a fun and iconic title, and I sort of 'horde' the carts so I can check out and study the little label variations. (USA, Japanese, UK/Europe versions, early release/late versions, etc.etc.)

I also have a pile of PSPs and DSs that are in downed/disables states...maybe there are some tech-handy folks here?
So lucky to have all that stuff ;p Can't beat Tetris, never goes out of style.
The carts you got might go a for pretty penny if you stick them on the Bay.. I remember the Zelda GB game going for around $45 USD last week..
Do you have a fave system out of the lot?
Oh, I regularly sell on Ebay, sure. (At the moment I have a PS1 cheat device and a pair of rare 'Rocket Games' GB carts from the UK on auction)
Not sure about $45 on Zelda, seems like they clock in at a steady $10-$30, depending on the title/condition.

My favorite system to play on is a fairly worn DS Lite.....I have logged so many adventures using it that it has imprints where my grip rests and a raised touch screen from overuse, ha.
I think my favorites to look at would be the Micros. Something so cool and compact about them; essentially tiny SNES' with crispy displays! :cool:
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Great pictures of a fine Nintendo collection! :cool:

You almost have enough TETRIS cartridges to actually, physically play TETRIS with the cartridges themselves! ;) :p
Thanks for the compliment, Aboleth.

I'd actually considered that, using the Tetris carts, heh. I have others, and was thinking of maybe a modular wall display that depicts the carts falling in a typical Tetris pattern. :cool:
Thanks, AA.
Yeah, the printer is more of a neat 'historical novelty', I rarely use them in any practical sense.
So I brought my kiddo in here to look through the DS systems you have... and we had to have a history lesson. Keep in mind he is 6... He was like "What are those!? What is that!? That's a lot of Tetris games--what do you play them on?" He ran away in disbelief after I showed him. But, he really likes the gold Zelda DS that you have.
"Ran away in disbelief" - LOL! - thats great! :D

Sadly, the Zelda DS is one of only a few that I would not part with. Sorry, just too many great memories associated with that particular system.
Soon I will restructure everything, adding and dropping items, and create a 'shop' thread....this thread is more of a 'see my collection' sort of thing. ;)

I'm glad to help him/you out with another DS, (they are all the same on the inside, after all!) but not my beloved Triforce model!

The various cases are all up for sale/trade, however. I'd always prefer a good swap to a sale - whatcha got? (Gaming stuff, comics, pop culture junk, foreign coinage, action figures, monster stuff, Disney DVDs for wifey, etc.etc.)
Its understandable. I wouldn't want to part with it either.

I don't have much to offer, but the hubs has a little he doesn't want. He looked through your goodies and asked me to check on the red psp. If it's not for trade or worth the 5 games shown here, see about the white or black DS with a case if possible.

ps3 games.jpg

Everything pictured is included in the games. Physical defects:

Castlevania Lord of Shadow-game case has crack

Overlord Raising Hell- Guide has a crease in booklet.

Prototype 2-Toys R Us had a sticker on the external paper-game case . Pulled some of the face off when removing the sticker. Plastic game case is perfect.


Uncharted 3 Drakes's Deception is missing the guide. Not sure what happened to it. Was purchased without.
Thanks for the offer, Panda, but we don't really do PS3 here just yet. (Far too much great stuff out there from past generations for wifey and I to get around to...) Then again, that IS a Castlevania game you have there...hmmmm...does it play like SOTN and the GBA/DS titles?

Regarding the Kratos PSP, depending on condition, they sell for between $30-$70. Mine is in good shape with average wear to the faceplate, markings you don't notice one bit while the system is on and playing.

Beyond the trade goods I'd already mentioned to you, I'll also accept 'rendered services' for shop goodies. As example: Do either you or your husband paint or sculpt? ...What about hand-drawn pieces, custom work, or tech aide services? (I also really dig swapping for packaged foreign foodstuffs, but as you are in the States, well...)

I'm all about the barter system and will work with folks as much as possible. Zero pressure either way; its not as if I'm dying to get rid of any of this stuff. :cool:
I do draw and paint but it has been so long--would take forever for me to finish anything with working 2 part time jobs.

I sat down and talked to my kiddo to figure out which he would rather have for his birthday, Wii U or 3ds--to my surprise he has answered Wii U 5 different times, every time. Kinda feel the Wii U upgrade would be a better option for him at this point.

I bought him a digital camera to test his responsibility skills on his Zoo trip last week... poor camera didn't make it out of the classroom before loading for the trip. He took it out to let his friends see it, dropped it, and broke a plastic piece that holds the batteries in place. Good thing I bought it at a pawn shop for like $20 w/ warranty. I'm gonna take it back this week for an exchange or to see if my buddy can help fix it. But it's besides the point. The DS I am wanting to replace is the second one within 2 years. I still have a 2ds to play, but I won't let him play it right now because I feel he needs to work on his listening and self control skills before he can have another handheld.

I will definitely get back up with ya @Days_of_NES when I feel he is ready for another DS.

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