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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
For anyone who is still interested in this, i watch it pretty regularly. I know it's become basically the same rewards over and over. But if you are like me, pining for the days of posters and statues, you might want to check it out again. Due to the Mario 35th, they are offering little quizzes and missions to accomplish to win Mario collector pins. It also encourages you to check out some Mario history which is always cool. Have fun!
is this like the My Nintendo Club or something they had years ago? That was pretty cool, got a soundtrack and some Nintendo posters. It was around the wii and early 3ds era I think. Got a big poster for the Nintendo 3ds AR Games. Haha
@djanky, yes pretty much but its mostly digital content. game discounts, wallpapers, etc. But i do suggest it because you link your Switch/Nintendo ID and every game purchase earns you points you can use to buy other games. no posters though ☹
@dustinb12 having nintendo memorabilia on the shelf is great, irreplaceable , but all-digital makes it much easier since there's no shipping and inventory problems. Oh yeah, not to mention some people would collect them to sell in the future for markup
Ah! Well low and behold, they added an Animal Crossing Sweepstakes. You can win quite a few goodies, including a Tom Nook shirt. Id totally wear it.
Aw man, they finally added posters and of course Sunshine and Galaxy are out of stock. Still awesome to see though.
The posters look... alright. Basically game covers. Collectibles perhaps, but not exciting.

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