My Switch concerns


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Mar 25, 2016
I have some concerns about the Nintendo Switch. They are:

1. If the rumors of a $300-$400 price tag and 3 hour battery life are true, it won't be worth buying as a pure handheld.

2. It's simply too weird to buy as a pure console. In the past I have supported innovation, but not to this point.

What I'd actually like at this point is a sort of console which is a slight upgrade in power from Wii U and similar to it, but plays Wii U and 3DS physical games.

Or a good handheld kind of like the New 3DS but a higher resolution and equipped for the higher resolution.

I also have concerns with just how long the third-party support will last. I want Madden on the console but way back when, EA made a single Madden game for Wii U and 3DS, respectively, then realized the money wasn't there, and stopped. No more Madden games on the systems after that.

Contrary to popular belief, the world doesn't want gimmicks. I go to another forum where people mostly game on PS4/XBox One and 90 percent of the forum say that if the next Nintendo console was simple, they would buy it. This amounts to the opinions of like 80 people. On a single forum.

Now don't get me wrong, innovation can be good. But innovative gimmicks should be an option, not a requirement. Just look at how XBox One does it with a standard controller and an Elite controller. The weird but decent Elite controller was never forced at all.

My biggest single dislike is the removable control sticks on the handheld. The fact they can be slipped off makes the maximum durability of the handheld less and overencourages you to follow the weird and unique ways of the system.

I'm pretty sure that Wii U games and such will be ported to the Switch through the Virtual Console, but I also worry the best ones, like Xenoblade X, will be overlooked.

Lastly, many games of our dreams, like a Mario Sunshine remake, may be on the new console, but most certainly could have been done on the existing one.

But we will see.

All this being said: I will be getting one. Just because a couple of family members are getting one and I will be able to swap games with them whenever I want to assuming they are fine with it.

It's a step in the right direction to release a new console considering the Wii U didn't sell well and has overpriced internals, but I liked the idea of a simple handheld which docks, better than the idea of a handheld that docks and does a million things controller wise. It just seems too confusing.

Some might ask "Are you a Nintendo fan Shane?" and the answer is I'm impartial to almost all platforms and sometimes get really tired of them all. However when the hardware is right, I will admit it.
That's a long thread for speculation. The thing is, the only things we know for sure came from a three minute video and Nvidia's press release. The rest is still unknown.
Considering that its not backwards compatible, its controllers can be sold separately and the fact that it looks similar to tablets that cost less than 300$, I seriously doubt that the NS will cost that much.....

The reason the Wii U was at that price is because it was forced with the gamepad. If it was sold separately, it would have been cheaper and the NS looks like it is capable of doing that.
It may only be speculation but he raises some valid concerns. Personally, if I get one I think I'll always use it as a console rather than a handheld and use that Pro controller for every game. I have to admit, I look forward to doing that. I did it a lot with the Wii U but sometimes they didn't give you the choice to use the Pro controller.
It does make me wonder one thing though. I feel that playing a game like Xenoblade on the go just simply isn't worth doing seeing how huge that kind of game is. Handhelds always have levels or worlds that can be beaten in a couple of minutes and then you can put it down like that.

I wonder with switch how players will be able to play longer games on the go....
^ Uh, a large portion of 3DS games are RPGs which can't be played in 2 minutes. As far as I can tell, they seem to do fine if you go by review scores and sales numbers.
True, though most handheld RPG's are more simplistic in design and don't have huge open worlds. Not to say that none do, but traditionally when you think of a handheld RPG it's something like Mario & Luigi and not Fallout. Then again, Skyrim is going to be on this thing and that's the epitome of an open world RPG, so Xenoblade is very possible to be something people are willing to play on it.
(The following comments are my speculations and opinions. Believe if you will.)
The thing is not going to play 3ds games. It seems like it should, but in the video it shows the guy in the airport putting a cartridge, similar to the 3ds one in. I is a bit thicker, but does not have the little ridge on it like the 3ds cartridges. The thing is DEFINITELLY not going to play wiiu games. Wiiu uses discs, total bologna if you ask me, should have done cartridges with that, but where would you put the discs? The docking thing might have a place for it, but then how about taking the handheld thing with you? Just saying
^ Uh, a large portion of 3DS games are RPGs which can't be played in 2 minutes. As far as I can tell, they seem to do fine if you go by review scores and sales numbers.

The idea of them is that you can save anywhere you want so keeping that in mind, it makes sense why RPG games fit in there. But think about how huge Breadth of the Wild will be on a handheld game. If you don't start from where you saved, people will get irritated if its a game that's designed on a handheld.

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