My Vans Nintendo Shoes came in the mail 5 boxes filled with them


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Sep 26, 2015
I ordered 10 pairs of Nintendo Vans skate shoes. one is for me the others I will sell after the limited edition ends, on Ebay. I also bought 3 Nintendo games at Gamestop today and one Wii game. The games are Wii: Puppy Luv. Wii U is Star Fox Guard & Call Of Duty Ghosts. Plus I added 50 bucks into my paypal account and ordered the AVGN X Blu-Ray movie. Episodes 1-100.
Wow, so you're the guy that buys stuff to resell. I have so many questions for you. How did you get started in the flip business? Have you ever had angry people trying to ruin your day for reselling? How are the shoes btw, are you going to just wear them rarely or do you want to kick around in em?
This is my first time doing this, But I ordered the shoes online. so no one else knows. This will help me to have food on the table and a roof over my head plus gas in my car. The shoes fit great, they go great with my NES shirt and my NES hat. I'll be wearing them for a few times a month. To keep them looking good. I will also be cleaning them every time I see a small spot on them. I will be selling the shoes on ebay in the future when the prices go up. until then they are safely in my home with extra care and in fire proof safes. Plus I made money from selling ads on my website and I've been getting some money with my youtube videos on youtube.
^ Nice, you think they're going to sell alright? Did you just buy these as a shot in the dark or do you have some idea that they're going to sell for a lot more on the flip?
Since they are around for a very short period of time I'll be waiting for a couple years when the prices go up and sell it then. Vans stated that the shoes are being made for a very short period of time. So All I have to do is play the waiting game. Even the Vans Shoe box is shaped like the retro NES console. So having the box might be a good idea to sell in the future. This is my first time doing this. And if they don't sell I will have shoes for a long time. :~) I make a lot of money on my website and youtube channel.
Wow, nice! I have considered reselling on ebay from time to time, but more towards wholesale/discount based imports. The funny thing is that I didn't hear anything about these shoes and I have a ton of friends that would buy them, so I can totally see how that might work out for ya. What's your site/channel?
MY website is NintendoTech DOT com On Youtube it's NintendoTech.
I detest resellers. Then again most collectors hate resellers. Sorry but now I know who to avoid on Ebay.
I need the money. And this is the first and only time I'm doing this so I can buy the Nintendo NX. I'm a collector. if they don't sell. then I have enough shoes for 10 more years. Since all the shoes are the same size. I'm not even a reseller. I collect Video games. I own over 1,640 Nintendo games that I keep clean and tons of Nintendo consoles.

You bought ninty vans to resell so you can buy an NX? Why not..... not buy the kicks and put that money aside/savings until NX comes out?


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