My Wii stopped reading discs


Oct 26, 2014
Super Famicom
For some reason my Wii just kinda broke. I can turn it on and use my virtual console games, mii channel, and stuff like that, but it just won't read disks. Niether Gamecube or Wii. PLZ HELP
The laser in the DVD drive went bad. Nintendo will probably fix it, for a fee, or you can buy your own replacement drive from eBay and do it yourself.
If your warranty is still good, contact Nintendo. My Wii is perfectly fine, so I've never really cared for warranties. Nintendo (or maybe the store you bought it from) might be able to fix it, so try them out. There are also some spare parts on replacement sites and Ebay, so you might be able to actually fix it yourself.
Try and send it back into nintendo, they might be able to fix it. If you can find their shipping address online, when you send it to them, it should go back to normal.
Is it possible that the disc reader is just dirty? It is possible that the reader is dirty in the same way that a DVD player gets dirty. Cleaning discs for DVD players are still available and only cost around $8-$10. There is no guarantee that the cleaning disc will work, and I am not positive that they will work at all in a Wii, but it may be worth trying.
I would say to try and bring it to Nintendo and have them try to fix it. If they are able to, then that's good. Otherwise it looks like you might have get a new one. Mine just started to do that not too long ago. I didn't think that I would be able to bring it to them, so I just bought a new one. I wish that I would have known about it sooner. I found out not long after that I would be able to bring it to them.

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