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Sep 1, 2015
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Okay i have a small story to tell lol. I remember i was in waiting for a operation and i saw a old n64 with a zelda game in it so i decided to play it. It seemed so fun to play but then it ended up scarring me for life. Guess how? Something popped out of the water and Grabbed me LOL. Now im mortified of water in any video game i always walk past it and try to avoid it. Tell me your experiences in the comments below i hope there interesting like mine lol.
@TechBroLuke first of all, welcome to the forums. :)

Although I'm not afraid of water in real life or video games, the Legend of Zelda has taught me a few things in my day-to-day life:
  1. Don't trust chickens! If you hit a chicken enough times, he'll call his buddies and they will swarm you and chase you. I always get a sense of satisfaction every time I have an omelette.
  2. Look for change in tall grass! I'm constantly cutting grass around my neighbourhood hoping to find Rupees, floating hearts or fairies. No luck so far but my neighbours appreciate that I'm always cutting their grass. I always carry an empty glass bottle too, because you never know.
  3. Break every pot you see! This one, I've had mixed results with. Sometimes I'll find something of value, but most times I'm asked to leave the premises. On second thought, this one may not be advisable...


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