N64 controller design


Aug 20, 2015
Wii U
Don't get me wrong, I love the N64. It's one of my favorite game systems. However, if I could have one complaint, it would definitely be the controller design. The design was perfectly usable, but I just didn't understand why Nintendo felt it necessary to include 3 grips instead of just 2. We're not 3-handed aliens, so how are we expected to use 3 grips? The d-pad above the left grip (though I NEVER had to use it) could easily be moved above the joystick so that only 2 grips were required.
I agree. The Nintendo 64 is a favorite system of mine, but I feel the controller is one of the worst game pads of all time. It's like, usable, but not enjoyable to use by any means. I much prefer playing Nintendo 64 games with the Wii classic controller pro, GameCube controller, and the Wii U pro controller (especially the wii u pro, which is my favorite Nintendo game pad of all time).
I didn't have any problems with using the controller. I thought it felt good in my hands and I played games effortlessly. I remember playing hours on Goldeneye for hours on end. Never once did I stop and look at the controller and thought it was oddly made or fitted in my hands.

I had an easy time reaching the D controller. I have big hands so it was easy to hit when necessary.

I also thought the original XBOX and Dreamcast controllers were well designed also.
I've never had any issues with the N64 controller, I actually preferred it over the PlayStation controller. Although I think it was bit flimsily built and that's a very uncommon trait in a Nintendo product. However, no controller could match the might of the Sega Saturn controller which was absolutely perfect, for 2D games. But even the analog controller that Sega released later was pretty damn good and was just amazing for racing and 3D games.
I was okay with it. I did think it looks weird when I first saw it, but you get used to it pretty fast. I do remember how big a deal they made about now having the analog stick and the Z trigger.

I agree with @Damien Lee, I also liked it a lot better than the PlayStation one. To be honest, my favourite controller of all time is the Xbox 360 controller. It's the perfect fit for my hands; I feel that every button is position properly and the size is just right for me.

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