N64 DD?


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Feb 8, 2013
Anyone have the N64 Disk Drive add-on? My friend had one growing up and he games were a little better for it. Final Fantasy VII was originall supposed to be developed for this but they scrapped it and put it on the Playstation instead. I don't think this was released in the US and if it was, it was for a limited time. I don't really remember how my friend got one but it was a nifty little add-on that attached to the bottom of the system similar to Gamecube's GBA Player.
He most likely had to import it. Though I do remember reading about it in some bygone issue of Nintendo Power many years ago at this point, I'm fairly certain it did not reach US markets. It's too bad. I got to play the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time, years later when it was released as a compilation for the Gamecube. While not leaps and bounds ahead of the original build of the game, it did have some unique levels that would have definitely upped the challenge. Japanese gamers have often had their pick of interesting add ons for Nintendo systems that never seemed to find a foothold outside of domestic markets.
The F-Zero X expansion pack was probably the top attraction of the 64DD. We, westerners, got screwed because we never got to play with it and make our own levels, etc. F-Zero X was coincidentally one of my favorite N64 games, even the basic game gave me a crazy adrenaline rush, and the soundtrack was just amazing.
I spent countless hours exploring the F Zero X tracks. I had a few "short cuts" I could take due to vehicles flying off the tracks at speeds that I could control to other parts of the track and get a grossly unfair advantage. I had no idea there was a DD expansion and yes, even today I would adore making my own tracks! I've often argued, even as it is, that F Zero X was the best racing game of it's generation and easily the best F Zero title. This makes me want to actually track down a 64DD and import these titles.

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