N64 games & end labels

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
Everytime I go and play a N64 game. I have to pull the carts out a little to see the what game I'm looking for. So I bought a label maker to take care of this problem. I just need to finish the labels for the games.
Make sure the glue isn't the nasty kind that will be impossible to get off later. I had that problem with a few N64 games I had bought at Blockbuster back in the day.
I don't realy like how the N64 games were labeled either. I do love the 64, I feel that Nintendo really had something with it. Most label makers have sticky tabs. The ones I use are not too sticky, they do fall off faster, but they don't leave all that gunk that you don't want to see. Vegtable oil will take the gunk off, but becareful not to get it into the game itself.
This is a solid idea for sure. Back when I first got my n64 I only really had a few games, Zelda games in particular, so I didn't really have this problem. But looking back on it, the small cartridges definitely would have been tough to identify, so using labels is a very solid idea
I remember the place where I rented N64 videogames used to do that. After a while, the game labels were gone, so they had to use label marks. It worked out quite well for them
The N64 is a great onsole. but one thing I didn't like was the no end labels. So I bought a label maker. And started to make labels so I know which game I'm getting.
lol Memories. When I first got the console (as a young doe) I would write the titles with permanent marker on the top. Little did my uneducated face know that I was depreciating the value with every stroke of the marker. However, I still have a lot of those to this day, so, as long as I keep it until I die and try not to sell it I should be happy.
Awww man, memories! :D

Didn't we all write with permanent marker on the top? :D
In the beginning, I kept all games in their boxes, so it was a little easier to recognize which game is which.
But later I got lazier so I just wrote the names on the top with permanent marker :D
lol No, way. I tore those boxes open like a rabid monkey when I got my games. I really wasn't considering anything other than vegging out on the game for as long as I could. Especially if I waited forever to get it. Keeping the box as a usable storage space made no sense to my sugar cereal fueled mind.
Some of my NES,SNES And N64 games I got used had markings on them from a marker. So I bought the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. And it took the markings right off. Thank You Mr. Clean. Even though you kind of look like a skin head. LOL!!
@Joan: haha you wild animal, you :D

I love the boxes too, so I didn't wanna destroy them. I started destroying them later, when some of them got damaged anyway by standing around (dust, other people, me) :D
I used to buy the N64 cases to put the games in. I then cut the boxes and tape the back of the box onto the back of the case and the side of the box for the end label. and use the manual for the front cover. But I didn't have that many boxes for the games. So I decided to make end labels on the game carts.
What I did was take a perm marker and completely black out the face of all my games so it's like a complete mystery what I'm grabbing