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Jun 24, 2013
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I was thinking about how the graphics matched up on the consoles from the time. Technically speaking; the N64 was 64 bit(duh), and the PS1 was 32 bit. Personally, I couldn't really see much of a difference. In many cases, the PS1 looked better on the same game. Any ideas/opinions?
Good points. Though when it comes to graphics, I don't think it comes down to being only about one being 64 bit, and the other being 32. That's a matter of the graphics technology. Square Enix is one of the companies out there that know how to use a systems graphic tech. to full potential. Their FF games are a good example of that. So it can really come down to a lot more than just the 64bit/32bit/etc.
In many ways I think the N64 came out on top when it came to comparison with the PS1. Both were great step ups in the next generation gaming when they came out, but the 64 does have a decent amount to brag about.
I was never a huge fan of the N64, but I was a diehard PS fan at the time. Looking back, it did have a pretty good game library. The thing that limited the console was the use of cartridges. CDs are so much better in terms of storage space.
Graphics technology doesn't always make a successful system. This conversation reminded me of the Atari Jaguar. The numbers just didn't seem to add up for them:

I bought the Jaguar when it came out actually. The graphics were pretty darn good; when properly utilized. Lack of third party support killed the system, but it had potential.
I won't lie the year when the N64 came out to me I think it was the console that had the better graphics and still think that compared to where the graphics are today it still was a good console. I had both the PS1 and the n64 and I really thought that were both good. Long gone are those days now. I still have my N64 btw
The Nintendo 64 was very impressive when it launched because there was nothing quite like Super Mario 64. Sure, the PS1 had Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider around that time, but they never made the same impact. But the PS1 enjoyed wider developer support who pushed the PS1 to the limit.

By the late 90's the PS1 had a larger library of games that were technically more impressive than what was available on the N64. Then, in the year 2000, Sin & Punishment was released on the N64 that set a new bar of technical excellence on the N64 that was beyond the capabilities of the PS1.
@Damien Lee I really need to check out Sin & Punishment. You've definitely been a big proponent of this game, and I must admit it completely passed me by; I've never even played it. Do you know if it's on the Wii Virtual Console?
The N64 had pretty good graphics for its time imo, and I was just wondering earlier today what Super Mario 64 would look like with Wii U graphics, and tbh I would probably prefer it in N64 graphics because it brings back so many memories...
@Y0shiM0n wouldn't that be Super Mario Galaxy? ;) it's pretty much the successor to SM64, so it would probably look something like that!

You're right about graphics for the time. I remember seeing Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo and being absolutely blown away by the backgrounds. That's not something the NES had a lot of details in, so for example the first time I went into the haunted house, I couldn't believe how amazing it looked. Going back now, it's kind of funny at how my mind's eye made them look amazing.
I like SM64 more than SMG by a lot. I don't know why it is just so much better.
The N64 had that great silicon graphics rendering engine which had great 3d and a 99 mhz computer processsor...it was a excellent system!
The N64 had more power but a tiny texture cache which limited the graphics. It's a tossup whether games looked better on it than the PlayStation.
Yeah I remember first learning about that, knowing that N64 was double the bit, and then going back and trying to analyze it and see the big difference. There was really nothing there, though, and if I found anything it was just me looking for something. It is just like today though, where every little stage is an advancement, but they are pretty small jumps. Thanks for sharing.
The PS1 definitely had better graphics as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed many games on my N64, but it defined box graphics much more better than the PS1 did.

When I played things like Tony Hawk, or Tomb Raider, it didn't seem all that bad compared to the N64.

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