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Oct 26, 2015
Nintendo 64
What's your opinion on ROM hacks? =O
Do you like it when people alter your favorite games? Adding new challenges to your beloved franchises and giving them a new look.
Or do you feel outraged when your favorite game becomes an experiment?

My opinion:
Personally, I like it when people try to be creative, give their favorite game a different look, offer new challenges to hardcore fans, and retell a story. =)
I don't care much for simple recolors though... Giving Mario a black hat and calling it a ROM hack is a bit exaggerated. =/ However, updating textures and fixing bugs would be a fairly nice thing to do. ^^ I sometimes would come across

Some texture hacks I made (if you want to see them)
I'll display them in this spoiler so that you don't HAVE to see them, but can serve as an example of what ROM hacks can do to your games. ^^;
Hmm... seems legit!

Mad owl!


Meme Box

Diglett Wall (made the whole wall brown XDDD)

Get in my belly! (Fat Bastard from Austin Powers as Thwomp)

Groovy Baby! (Austin Powers from Austin Powers as Whomp)

Frozen Pee Mountain... Eww...

I suck at hacking and I haven't really tried doing more texture hacking for over a year... should I start doing it again? =/ Well... either way... as you as can see people can make your games look nicer/funnier or worse, depending on whose editing your game. ^^; I hope these screenshots from my texture edits help you decide whether ROM hacks are a good thing or not. =)
I think I'm alright with them. If they're not doing it to my copy of the game I don't see a problem with it. Like sometimes, they make the game more cool. Unless it's in a offensive or just a gross way, like... Well I probably shouldn't say them. But generally speaking I'm fine with it.
Fanmade ROM hacks that add to a game or make it cooler? Yeah totally :D As long as they don't like make anything degrading or offensive it's just a way to relive our classic games and enhance them for free, so why not?

I know lots of ROM hacks for the Mother series that have done great things and even made entire games.
I agree with Shiftrex, if they want to improve it, why not? I agree that they have to be careful not to go through any "wrong" path, but for me it's fine ;)

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