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Jun 17, 2015
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The fifth console generation was probably among the most interesting in gaming history. We experienced the emergence of the PlayStation which set the gaming world on fire. On the other hand we had the underdog, the Sega Saturn which was in fact a great console with excellent 2D capabilities. Unfortunately for Sega, that's not what many gamers were craving during that time.

Last but not least, we have the Nintendo 64 which truly revolutionized 3D gaming. Super Mario 64 was the ultimate killer app and is still regarded as one of the best games ever made. Ultimately, the console war of that period was between the PlayStation and the N64. The Sega Saturn was pretty much an insignificant player in the West and bowed out of the war at an early stage.

Which console were you rooting for during the 5th console generation - N64 or PS?
I was a sega fan since the Master System, so naturally I bought the Saturn. It did have great 2D games, but the future was 3D as it was new territory yet to be explored and exploited. Sega had a great machine but never thought that 3D was the future of gaming. I still played my Sega Saturn for awhile until the Dreamcast came out, then I bought that. That's when Sega threw in the towel all together.
In those days, I was all for N64 - I loved all things Mario and Zelda making it an easy choice. It felt also more age appropriate at the time.

I would still choose N64 - despite Silent Hill saga being my favorite game series...
I had a PlayStation but I accidentally broke it and my parents bought my brother and I a Nintendo 64 afterwards. That along with the GameCube were the two primary systems I grew up on, so I would naturally go with N64. It has my favorite game of all time, Super Mario 64 on it as well as some of my other favorite Nintendo games like Mario Kart 64, F-Zero X, and Donkey Kong 64.
regretfully i went with the PS1 to change my pace. I had fun with RE, WWF Attitude, Madden. I came home though
Between the PS and N64, I was more leaning towards the N64 because there was no load times. Playing games like Resident Evil for the PS was horrible. If you forgot something in the other room, you would have to sit through a few minutes of load time. It had great games, but because of the load time, I wanted the n64 to turn pro gore.

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