N64 Won't Display

Feb 23, 2014
I decided to get my N64 out and play it. It seems to power on just fine, but nothing came on the tv and nothing came through the audio connection, either. I didn't see any breaks in the wires, so I don't know what's going on. It's probably been about 10 years since I've played it and it worked fine the last time I tried it.

I tried two games and nothing showed up. I remembered that the N64's cables were the exact same as the Gamecube, so I dug out my old broken Gamecube and got the av cables.

Same issue. No video or sound.

I started by plugging it into the front av port on my vcr, in the video connector and the put the audio connector into my surround sound. Like I said, there was no video from the vcr and no audio on my surround sound with either the gamecube cable and the original N64 cable. Next, I tried putting the video into the video plug on my tv, and still no video.

When I turn the N64 on, the little red light on the front comes on.

Any ideas ? Should I just get a whole new N64 ? Or would a new set of cables help ?
You need to clean the pin connectors on the console & on the game carts.
I used a tiny amount of windex on a q-tip for both the game and the console and it seems to be working fine now. Which is good, as I've really missed Starfox 64...
Next time. Don't use Windex. Get Isopropyl Alcohol USP 70% to clean your games.
what's wrong with windex ? I've used it on NES games and it works just fine. I supposed I could use some alcohol. Is there something in it that does bad things ?
Windex will dry out on the pins making the pins rust.
{GamePayne} said:
{Windex will dry out on the pins making the pins rust.}

What more do you want! xD
The Av-out connector might need re-tinning (Putting fresh solder on the pins) There are videos on YouTube showing how to do it, if you're not comfortable with disassembling consoles or soldering then get someone else to do it.

It could also be that the capacitors have leaked, but that's not as likely.

More commonly though it's just the cart connector is dirty.
Just remember. Windex is for Windows.

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