Name of this game ?


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Jul 5, 2017
Game Boy Advance
So ive played this game years ago and i dont remember much, ill give all best details posible please help me find this game again.

ive played this game in a gameboy color (it was a big cassette) and the game started as a 2d platform and it was a guy

so there was these weird people walking around back and forward and they try to eat you if you stand near them or infront, you just have to go past them till the end of the 1st stage were the guy will find a knife, and he will discover a new ability wich is night shift(he can see who is evil and who is normal) so you have to go back and start killing evil with the knife.

so then the game is kinda evolution, the guy goes to the moutains, finds a gun, then finds a assault gun, and so on, there are alot of monsters wich he has to kill, and when u get to the 1st top monster its a big worm eating everything wich you start running from the worm to out the screen ( the monster is chasing you but you do not see the track and you stomp into rocks, you only see whats behind you) and yeah then he goes to the jungle and so on he goes evolving.

please put mind to it if anyone played this game, or knows a game like this or has any idea please help me, im nostalgic :(

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