Need advice-Multiple switch household and games purchases

Carl VanOrden

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Dec 2, 2017
Hello everyone! I need some advice. I currently have a Nintendo Switch for myself, and have been purchasing all games digital only. For Christmas, my son and daughter are each getting their own Switch in order to alleviate the constant battling over mine. I'm trying to decide if I should continue to buy digital only for their Switches as well, or if I should get physical cartridges for theirs.

Also, if I go digital only, how would the online accounts be setup? Could I purchase multiple copies of each title under one account, or do I need to create them each their own account and download their games under them. I suppose that, to play games online, they will need to each have their own account anyway.

It's such a shame that Nintendo doesn't have a better setup for families in order to share games, accounts, etc. I don't look forward to the idea of having to spend extra $$$ buying multiple copies of the same games. If their is something for families that I am not aware of, please enlighten me. Thanks for any help and recommendations!
Yeahh I would sugest buying hard copies of the popular story games like Zelda, Mario and any of the games you can beat so they can share the copy. ARMS and a few more of the online competitive play games digital is good to have so they both have accounts to play with each other.

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