Need help redownloading from eshop


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Last year I bought 3 games online, mario kart delux, super mario deluxe and 3d world w/ bowser fury under a child account connted to a parent account(mine). same email. I have full access with the parent account . Earlier this year in January, I deleted the child account. Now when I want to redownload those 3 games, they are not on the list on eshop to redownload. I called nintendo and they said too bad it's lost. the child account is its own account, after 100 days when you delete the child account all games purchased from the child account cannot be redownloaded, even though I have online receipt email proof that I purchased it.

is there any way i can redownload those 3 games? I feel this is not far on nintendos part because the receipt did not say anything about that rule of child account deletion, you cannot redownload games back.