Need help valuing this game and it's origin

Sep 6, 2017
Nintendo 64
I buy storage lockers at auction and acquired this game quite a long time ago but have been unable to get any information in regards to this game or where or when it was made let alone its value so I can resell it if anyone knows anything about this game or how I can find a value for it please let me know as I want to sell it on eBay thank you

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I believe its possibly of japanese origin but that is all i no. Games appear as pokemons g sonic beatsmania n super mario 4
It's a pirate Game Boy Color cartridge that most likely originated in China. It has very little resale value, and most auction sites will not allow you to sell it.
Hey, pretty cool you have it. I dought that some of the games it says are on there, but every once in a while you do find one with legit games on it. Like cruchyg said, they are illegal, pirated games if they are the real things, but that doesn't stop people from selling them on ebay! Plop that thing into your gbc and check out if they are real and then sell it for like a good 10-15 bucks! Best not to hold on to those...

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