NES-001 capacitors

Mr B

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Apr 18, 2020
So the old family NES wouldent turn on so I dug around and found that capacitors that were connected to the port that has the power and reset buttons attached to it were blown, is that a regular problem with the 001 and what kind of capacitors are those?
The system is 35 years old, so anything can be a problem. Have the capacitors leaked? A picture would be helpful.

If you're sure that the power capacitors are the problem, you should be able to replace them pretty easily. shouldn't cost more than $10-15 with shipping, see links below. You will need decent soldering skills to do this job.

Hi. I have a Tetris game for nes. Yesterday I boiled my 72 pin connector and now it works perfect with all my games, but when I put Tetris, the screen shows only the starting screen and the Nes has a blinking light. The cartridge is cleaned. Do you know how to fix or what the problem is?

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