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Dec 15, 2016
Looking for help converting the audio signal from the NES Classic. Purchased for my office at work which only has VGA or DVI on the monitor. I purchased a Rankie HDMI to VGA converter with an audio output from Amazon. I can get the video to convert just fine but the audio doesn't work for some reason. I've tested he converter with other devices and it works just fine, so the source of the problem seems to be the NES. Any suggestions?
Giving that the NES Classic is very rare and I suspect most units are still in their boxes under the tree, I don't know how much help you will get.

That being said, what does the NES Classic have for audio options? It's possible the adapter is not correctly identifying which audio protocols it supports, but manually switching to stereo or mono may help.
There are 0 audio options on the device. There is no sound options in any menus on the NES. And there is a single HDMI output. That's all she has.
Then you're going to need a different adapter or monitor.
Well at the moment, the converter comes with a VGA out and Audio out via 3.5mm cable. I purchased a new one that will be here Saturday and give that a try. I can't understand why the audio doesn't convert out of the HDMI output of the NES classic, but works just fine with other HDMI devices. I'd rather find a solution via a converter than having to buy my company a new computer monitor. There has to be a way to get it to work.

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