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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
So last i night i finally finished up season 5 of American Horror Story, and i liked it lot. Big (politics aside)Lady Gaga fan. So i was thinking, what's next? I don't have cable so netflix is pretty much our entertainment of choice.

What are you watching? I love to hear about obscure netflix titles. It seems to be getting a ton of tv shows.
Veronica. About a girl in Spain playing with a Ouija board. It was pretty good, and kind of different. I liked it. Netflix's original horror shows are really coming around.
Only one thing to do with an Ouija board...
I'm still not caught up with 2015 shows... And I started watching the Twilight Zone from 1959. :LOL:
The old Twilight Zone was awesome! So many good stories, but they never last long enough. Just long enough to give you the shivers before bed!
Tales from the Darkside FREAKED me out as a kid. I think it was the music.

Speaking of bingewatching: I just finished my second run through of Twin Peaks (seasons 1 and 2.) I loved it for the most part. It gets out of control midway into S2 though.

I wish Netflix would hook me up with Friday the 13th The Series. That was my Saturday night jam for a long time
Ever heard of Happy Valley? It's a British ongoing crime drama show that's pretty intense. It's about this female police officer who becomes obsessed with finding her daughter's rapist, that caused her to commit suicide, after he gets released from prison.
@Marcel never heard of that one, i will have to check it out. I settled on American Horror Story Roanoke, pretty much because ive seen all the other seasons. It's actually pretty good
I've never see American Horror Story before. What's the difference between Roanoke and the others?
@Marcel well, each season is a different story but they do connect somewhat here and there. Roanoke is a stand alone, and is a story within a story. Starts out like a reality show, then goes into the backstory of the lost settlers of Roanoke. Im trying to keep it spoiler free. You could fast forward to this season and not miss anything from the others. The real selling point of AHS is most of the actors stayed on and played different parts each season. They are good, not great with the exception of Roanoke. Good show that is very different.

I suggest season 3, the one with the witches, and also Hotel because im a Lady Gaga nut.

(Warning,it is like TV-Ma or whatever)
I see. Sounds exciting and I've heard loads about AHS for the longest time but just never picked it up. Maybe it's time to start.

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