NEW 3DS - Does not include Adapter


Jan 19, 2015
So apparently the NEW 3DS that came out in late 2014/early 2015 does not include the charger/adapter for the system in the box. I recently found this out and with the price of the NEW 3DS how it is at this point, why wouldn't they include a charger? I'm pretty sure it's far more expensive than the original 3DSs and the 3DSXLs... so why not include a new colorful charger too for people to use?

Apparently the new 3DS was designed for existing owners of 3DSs... which in my opinion, isn't the greatest design decision to date from Nintendo at this point. It's bright, it's colorful, it's new, especially, which is the main selling point to most people nowadays. They definitely should not have left the adapter out of the process here.

Any thoughts?
A DUMB move from Nintendo. I was looking into purchasing a 3DS this year, but now they've gone ahead and decided that they don't want to include a power cable, which IS a huge setback because it gives me another excuse to put off my purchase and increases my intertia.

A power cable is a very important peripheral and it is even more important that the power cable be from the manufacturer of the product itself because different adapters have different specifications which can cause problems with the device.

Just why Nintendo? Why?
Kinda bothered that it doesn't have the adapter, but even more so annoyed at the system transfer process. I havent been one to bark about nintendo needing an account system similar to Sony, but it's full blown obvious how dire its necessity is for future handhelds.
It didn't bother me to much considering as they said I did have my old 3DS charger. I did buy another simple charger since I plan to give my old 3DS to my nephews.
So after waiting 4 hours for the system transfer to go through, i look and see that smash bros is missing, and of course the eshop wouldn't let me download it, but i remembered that i backed up the SD card on my desktop so i was able to thankfully get it back, but sheesh it was quite the scare. Seriously, i was ready to call it quits on the 3ds.
Well that really sucks, I was hoping they would have one.