New 3DS or Wii U?


Apr 9, 2015
Pointless Jabber:
so its close to my birthday and i can probably only get 1 system. which one would be a good choice? It's been YEARS since i had an nintendo system. in fact i had the original NES which was awesome.and i got the nintendo DS years later. then i just fell off with nintendo and went to playstation then xbox then back to playstation. blah the point lol

To the point:
which system i guess would make sense or be a good choice to get. to get back into the nintendo feeling i guess after years of being away. My mind is kinda set on the new nintendo 3ds xl since it the newest out. and there are games coming out only exclusive for it. but idk. is there any exclusive games on the wii u that would make me get it instead of the new 3ds and vice super smash on wii u and not on 3ds xl or something
hello, im a seasoned veteran who went through the same drought about 10 years ago. The gamecube and Wind Waker brought me back with a vengeance, I've never looked back. So my question is: Are you a Mario/Zelda person, or an RPG kind of player?
Mario person. Not a big rpg person but I could always try lol. Depending on the rpg.
ok, if you like Mario, id say get the wii u. New Super Mario Wii U, Super Luigi Wii U, and Super Mario 3D World will have you covered. Plus with the virtual console, almost every Mario title is available some how or another.

I asked about rpgs because i recently finished Bravely Default on the 3ds, and am currently working Fantasy Life. both are fantastic, yet very different kinds of rpg.

hope this helps, you may like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. If you like Zelda and beat'em ups, I highly suggest giving Hyrule Warriors a youtube look.(all of these are for the wii u.)
I would say get New 3ds mainly cause the amount of games out for it and coming out for it is huge since it covers the regular 3ds and ds games. I myself thought about buying a Wii U, but unless can see more than 1-2 games I actually want on it then no point to spend a few hundred on it. Just go look at the game library and see which has the games that interest you more.
I agree with the DS choice. Not because I have anything against the Wii U (Well I kind of feel like I do) & not that the argument for the Wii U made above isn't a great one but Wii U is on its way out. The newest technology gets a better set of games is usually how the formula goes.
yeah, i guess if you wanted to get older Marios, you could go eshop on the 3ds also. i was just thinking backwards compatibility if you really want to get a Mario groove going. There was some great wii titles also
At this point in time, it's probably wiser to go with the 3DS. It has done quite well and it's better supported by game developers, therefore you're assured to get a steady stream of games in years to come. The Wii U has been doing horribly in the sales department and it feels like Nintendo is losing interest in the system. Better to purchase the system that is going to have the superior library of games in the long run.

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