New Adventure Time game collectors edition, now available for preorders


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Jul 17, 2013
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...I don't understand. They had or have a game? Never heard of it before. I mean this is an expanded version already? Interesting. Let me go take a look - thanks for the tip or whatnot.
I don't really watch the show, to be honest. My brother and his fiance love the show. But I've never sat down and watched it. However, when I found out that the first game was going to be an NES Zelda 2 style game, it piqued my interest, as Zelda is my favorite franchise. So I picked up the first 3DS game. It was fun, and similar to Zelda 2 in some ways. But I found it to be way, way too easy, and way, way too short. You can beat the entire game, from start to finish, in about 3 or 4 hours, or so. So if you are looking to get the first Adventure Time game, don't pay full price for it. Get it on the cheap side.

That said, I thought about getting this second Adventure Time 3DS game, but I still remember how short and easy the first game was. So I'll hold off on it, until the price goes down. Then I may get it later down the road, at some point. But if it's going to be the exact same type of game as the original, and just as short, I may pass on it. I don't really watch the show anyways, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything if I skip it. Maybe this second game will be a bigger adventure, that takes longer to beat, and is harder than the original. I don't even think that I came close to dying once in the original game. And I've beaten it twice now. But I haven't touched it since. And that was back when it first came out.

I haven't paid attention to any screenshots or videos or anything else of that nature for this second game. Is it also going to be like the original game, in a Zelda 2 style. Or are they going to mix it up and make it completely different. Does anybody know?
Man, those graphics look pretty terrible. Sometimes I wonder if there ever be another animated series that looks good and doesn't have the Spongebob art style.

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