New Direct on May the 6th focused on Culdcept Revolt


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Apr 26, 2016
Nintendo is going to host a new Direct on Youtube (link here) on May the 6th, and it's going to be focused on Culdcept Revolt. Apparently, it's a 3DS card-based strategy game, and it's going to be released on July in Japan.

I've never heard about this game, and it kind of pisses me off that they're going to host a Direct just for a single game but not to make up for all their recent announcements about E3 and such, but hey, still better than anything.
I think the game might be good, seeing the screens and stuff, but the question is how good?
Well, that's a thing. Doesn't look like it's coming West. Would explain why we aren't hearing anything about it.
Yeh, it doesn't really matter to us in the west just how good the game is or not, as like you say, it doesn't look like we're going to get it anyway.

I'd be interested to know just what Nintendo DO have for us in the future, near or distant, because at the moment it's all a bit too quiet.

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