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Mar 5, 2016
Here are my suggestions of forum boards:

-The "Forum Games" Board. This is where all the forum games go like "Comment On The Signature Above You" or something like "Rate The Person Above You". I think this will be a fun board to add.

-The "Improvement Area" Board. This is where all the guides go. Members can post guides on how to pass a game or win a game. (Ex: The Guide To Legend Of Zelda or How To Make A Good Level In Super Mario Maker and How to Win 1st place in Mario Kart 8)

-The "Spam Board" Board. This is where members can post random things. My suggestion is that this shouldn't count up posts and that spam threads can ONLY go here.

-The "Info Board" Board. This is where all the info goes. This includes rules,news,articles,etc.
I agree with most of this. I'm never really been into the spam board thing but the other stuff sounds like good ideas to me. I like it. :)

Thanks :D
Thank You ^_^
I have an Idea; How about a Forum that Focus on ALL Nintendo Franchises In General; Because I Want to Post a Discussion about If Nintendo WERE to Make More Dynasty Warriors-Styled Games, Which Nintendo Franchises could be Used, and which of those could be Next after Fire Emblem Warriors; Where would I Post Such a Thread like that?!!
@crunchyg Have you guys ever discussed having a forum for every game? Or if not every game, the bigger titles? I know there is the general forums for Mario games and Zelda games, but I'm thinking game specific (e.g. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, etc).

Now I will say that I know this would be more to manage and there may not be the people to support it. It was just a thought I had.

An example of what I'm talking about is found here:

Just a thought.
@MilkBone Thanks for the idea. We had that at and it wasn't great for keeping topics organized. There are too many games, so subforums end up being dead after a while.
@crunchyg Oh yeah, that makes sense. So it'd almost be better to make a "general discussion" thread of big games we are playing if we just want to talk about a of little stuff about it?
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Yeah discussions of individual games should go either under the systems they're on or the big franchise forums (Mario, Zelda, etc)

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