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May 11, 2021
Nintendo 64
I know that it'd probably take a long time, but I would love to someday play a VR version of an N64 classic: "Hey You, Pikachu!". I loved the music, the ambiance, being able to play alongside my Pikachu pal. To have that in VR, with updated voice detection? I could see something like that being amazing! There's already a lot of VR games experimenting with voice detection.

I had fond memories, and miss my old N64 games, and to see one re-vamped on a platform I can use, since I can't get a Switch? Plus, have it be VR so I can interact with my own hands? I'd love that! It'd make the game much more immersive, I could feel like the trainer alongside Pikachu! Plus, have the actual cut-scenes interact-able, like the dinner scenes and so on? That'd be awesome! Plus, getting to play the Who's That Pokemon game, holding a N64 controller while using hand-held controllers? That'd be hilarious and fun!

It's an idea, and I'm not saying it's perfect, but if I ever see this come out someday? I'll be overflowed with joy, like a kid on Christmas.
I love the idea of this and I haven’t played Hey You Pikachu. But I can’t say I would pay $60 even if it was a full remake. I would buy a reimagined version of the game. Different and Longer story, Advanced and more Engaging gameplay, and New Pokémon Snap graphics. I love the Vr idea but Labo won’t cut it. So I don’t see it happening until 10-15 years. I love this idea but sadly I don’t see it happening for a while. Finally playing Hey You Pikachu would be a dream come true though, and their are few things I’d want to see more.
That's a good point, thank you. It might be a concept, but man I just felt the need to at least get my idea out there.
Yeah, love the idea of remaking older N64 games. Such as Donkey Kong 64, Kirby 64, Paper Mario, and 1080 Snowboarding. The system should get more appreciation.
Oh my god, I'd love to see those remade! Also yeah, the N64 doesn't get as much love as it deserves, it's a staple in gaming history. I was pretty happy to see Pokemon Snap was remade, but it's a damn shame I can't afford it or the Switch. The games are so damn pricy. I guess I should expect that, it's a real popular system, and I'll admit, the games it has are solid. I'm also pretty happy to see more Metroid, and Wario Ware games are coming, but it'd still be cool to see another Donkey Kong or Kirby game, or Paper Mario that isn't Sticker Star. Origami King was a good step up, but it did lack a little luster from what I saw gameplay-wise. It just feels like "This is the best we're going to get for now.", and not "Holy crap another Paper Mario, that's faithful to the original, Super Paper Mario, and Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door!". I suppose it's fine on its own? It's nothing glamorous, though. Definitely can't compare to the other games that have replay value. All in all, it'd be nice to have some faithful updated games to fit the modern systems and use unique gameplay mechanics. Like "Hey You, Pikachu!" utilizing VR technology, or Kirby 64 getting a new game for Switch that continues the saga of Zero Two with a new form of its own. Donkey Kong 64 needs love, and so does 1080 Snowboarding, which I don't see too many people talk about sadly.
At least give us N64 games on NSO! I feel like Nintendo is trying to stray away from their past. The only N64 representation we got was Mario 64 in Mario 3D all stars, and that was the bear minimum. Even from a business standpoint I doesn't make any sense to leave these beloved games in the past. You would gather new fans who haven’t played a Nintendo system since the N64. Even if they gave us 10 N64 games on NSO and slowly trickled in games like Perfect Dark and Starfox 64 I would be overjoyed. But I imagine others would be underwhelmed and disappointed.
It's sad how the market is, but there's no denying there's a following for past games to be remade. Like Super Mario RPG? No way in hell Enix would permit that. Hell, it was a struggle to even get Geno some light in Smash Ultimate!
I'm also pretty happy to see more Metroid, and Wario Ware games are coming, but it'd still be cool to see another Donkey Kong or Kirby game, or Paper Mario that isn't Sticker Star.
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! game franchise, but not NES that way Warioware series.

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