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Apr 17, 2016
Super NES
Imagine you could pick any 2 titles from the Nintendo catalogue and these 2 games would be merged to create a new game running on the NX hardware.

What 2 games would you pick?
What bits from each game would you use?
Give an random intro to the game too :)

Mine: N64 Turok & Gamecube Metroid

FPS game where you're Samus. No aliens, just dinosaurs. The usual upgradable equipment available. Huge jurrasic feel area.

Intro: Your ship was dragged into a blackhole, you pass out. When you come around you're amongst the crash site of your ship on a jurrasic looking planet.
You come to your senses and soon realise you have to gather what you can and get away from the crash area - you can hearing worrying roars and screeches.
The only intact item you've managed to find is something that helps you detect energy sources (equipment and devices all give off energy levels). You take it and get away from the crash site, venturing deep into a jungle area.
You notice that your ship must have been spilling its contents during it's out of control descent. The device you picked up starts indicating to you of a few energy sources near by - this tells you that some of your equipent must be close by. On top of a mountain looks like there is something with a rather large energy signature, maybe part of your suit? deeper into the jungle there seems to be a weaker energy signal that could be a medipack. Which way will you head? The roars are getting louder again, best not stay here........
Lego City: UnderCover and Ocarina of Time. AKA Lego Zelda.

How about Zelda and Metroid? takes place in a futuristic Hyrule where castle town is a almost dystopian giant metropolis.

Zelda and Super Mario Galaxy! Could take the form of a collapsing Lorule (from ALBW), where what's left is a crumbling assortment of asteroids in an environment like Half-Life's Xen.

Mmm. Zelda.
The first idea sounds like minecraft :p

I think a Zeda and Metroid could work - use the perspective from the classic Zelda game but with all the gear from the Metoid universe. Less platform jumping, more suitable puzzles.

Someone has a liking for Zelda games! :p
Golden Sun & The Last Story

Keep everything from Golden Sun, but make it 3D like The Last Story. Have online multiplayer like The Last Story, and the ability to diffuse magic circles for Status Enhancement.
Earthbound/Mother 3 and Majora's Mask.

They both have a similar atmosphere, so they would be easy to blend (unsettling mixture of creepy and funny, just...different). Make it 3D and keep all the masks, but make them based on Mother's universe (pretty easy, considering the Masked Man and Pig Masks). It would still be an adventure game, but settled in a world as well developed as Earthbound's. Just think of the possibilites!
I guess I can't make up my mind on what to pick, but I really like all these suggestions here. Especially the one about Zelda and Super Mario Galaxy. I would be very, very interested to see how that one might turn out.
Well I have to say that this is something that might take a good amount of thought. It would be easy to just pick my two favorites, but then again they might not really mesh together and make a good hybrid game. I do like the Zelda and Metroid idea, and that would probably be something that would break records in terms of sales, I would think at least. Interesting question, and thanks for sharing.
If we look outside of Nintendo for the second game, we open things up a little.

Zelda + Assassin's Creed: can follow the Ocarina Zelda's Sheikah training.

Zelda + Resident Evil might be a good combination.

Zelda + Elder Scrolls is going to be awesome.

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