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Jan 23, 2016
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OH boy, here we go again. How many threads have I made with this topic? I believe it is more than 4.

Anyway, I just played Dark Souls 2 and Kid Icarus Uprising for Christmas, which has made me rethink ideas for my game (Sound Familiar?). It will instead now be a 3rd Person Shooter Bullet Hell ARPG. Since I don't think the Nintendo Switch would be powerful enough to run the game decently, I am aiming for this to be a playstation exclusive, exclusive because I absolutely do not care about PC or Xbox at the moment, could change my mind though. Anyway, let's talk about the story:

When the World of Wunstaldt was born, it was lifeless and empty, only being inhabited by the war-like gods that fought until the last one was standing. This battle ended with the victorious Goddess, Alciex, when she discovered how to rip space, causing a dimensional hole to form. The dimensional holes would be the ultimate weapons that would kill off the other gods as they would be sucked inside into black nothingness, but by the time she has become the last god, she realized that she was weakening. Alciex learns that the dimensional holes were also emitting a strange energy that would corrupt this realm by twisting reality and defying the laws of nature. Since her well-being was tied to the stability of this dimension, she sealed off the holes, but was left heavily crippled with most of her divine powers being lost. However, the energy that was now flowing within this realm has condensed and made souls, finally giving life to Wunstaldt.

Wunstaldt's most advanced creatures that were born out of the souls were humans, who resembled the gods in both appearance and intelligence. Curious humans eventually went climbing up a mountain and found the Goddess resting there. She told the humans everything about what happened and they believed her, congratulating Alciex for being the last one standing. The humans would soon migrate to the mountain to protect the Goddess and deem her the ruler of Wunstaldt, eventually leading them to build the mountain city, Helirus. Alciex was very pleased with the loyalty of the humans until the Advent of Magic came.

A group of scientists have discovered how to manipulate the dimensional hole's energy to do various purposes that would improve and revolutionize society. They called this energy "Magic" and formed the Occult Organization, studying new ways to use magic and make new tools like wands and staves. The use of magic was met with extreme disgust by Alciex as she fears that humanity could get carried away with "bending the rules" and banned the use of Magic and disbanded the Occult. This has caused mass uproar and protest from the humans and they rose up to the Goddess. Thus started the war known as the Battle of Magic, where it abruptly ended when the Goddess was accidentally shot multiple times from magic bullets and died. Her death caused many humans to feel guilt and devastation over the loss of their goddess, but relief soon hushed their sadness away. In an attempt to keep their reputation from being ruined, the Occult has managed to preserve Alciex's heart before it could wither away with magic, claiming that this would keep her "alive". It was an extreme stretch, but the humans believed them and rejoiced over the fact that they believe that their goddess is "not dead".

120 years after the Battle of magic, a new Occult Leader by the name of Felix Dranthem strived to add more magic into this dimension by extracting magic from another dimension without creating a dimensional hole. He was soon successful with his research and many people had began to mine for magic near the places where Alciex originally created the dimensional holes as they were the easiest to farm magic. However, bringing in more magic meant that the dimension became more and more unstable as reality started to warp and so much magic had been added into this realm that a phenomenon formed within the space-time continuum. That phenomenon would soon manifest itself into the physical realm and be known as The Eldritch. The Eldritch desired to bring Wunstaldt into chaos and oblivion by creating a dimensional hole so big that it would suck up everything in the universe, only leaving magic behind for it to create a new world. However, it needed to become a god in order to rip the dimension, so it tried to look for the heart of Alciex. Everywhere it went, it was emitting corrupted magic, which would enter empty bodies and revive the dead, but transforming them into hideous and horribly mutilated demons known as Eldritch Abominations. More of them were appeared the more people died.

The Occult has decided to create a new god that would have enough power to fight against the Eldritch, so they used Alciex's heart and a fragment of a hero's soul to create Xarpys, the God of Magic. However, they died from the Eldritch Abomination epidemic, leaving Xarpys incomplete. Soon, Xarpys would open his eyes for the first time, going out to defeat the Eldritch and his abominations before they extract Alciex's heart from him.

So yeah, how did you like the overall story? The plot progression will be non-linear as you can access interconnected areas with their own lore, similar to Dark Souls. Now let's move onto mechanics:

In this game, you can only shoot in this game and you cannot use physical attacks. The gunfire is done with the L2 button. The bullet count is also very small compared to other shooters as wands have 20 magic bullets within them. However, regular enemies usually die in 4-5 hits, so do not worry about constantly reloading. When enemies attack, they shoot out slow-moving magic bullets towards you which you can dodge by moving around the analog stick, much like a bullet hell.

You are quite quick and nimble as you can dodge attacks easily, coupled with the fact that you can teleport in any direction in case you are in a tight situation. Teleportation leaves you immobile for a millisecond, so try to use this sparingly. However, the more bullets you shoot out of your wand or staff, the slower your movement speed gets and the longer the immobility lasts after you teleport. Using up too many bullets punishes you and makes dodging attacks much harder, but you can restore your dodge cooldown and movement speed by pressing L3 to reload all your bullets. Keep in mind that reloading also makes you immobile and it lasts a bit longer than the dodge cooldown, so find the time to do so.

Spells are mainly there to just simply augment your attacks like the Widen Spell making your bullets stretch into a wave, allowing you to hit more enemies. Each weapon can hold up to 4 spells, which can be used with the D-pad.

As for aiming, this game will not have lock-on or any sort of aim-assist. That is because the reticle is pretty huge and your bullets are large as well, making it easier to hit enemies and lessen the need to have those mechanics. You can enter first person mode by pressing the select button, but this is mainly for shooting better at a distance. The camera, I am pretty skeptical. Since this is a bullet hell game, you need to be able to see how many bullets are on screen. But then, I saw this game that mastered a 3d bullet hell:

So yeah, like in the video, you have to constantly turn your camera around and around to see the bullets coming after you, and since they are slow moving, it gives you enough time to react and move out of the way. The enemies however, will stop shooting once in a while to reload their weapons. This will give you a chance to either reload too, shoot, or use an item. Hardcore players may shoot down multiple enemies at once without having to reload constantly.

So, how does this sound so far? Would this idea succeed?
I wonder what shape your game will take by the end of 2018. 4D? VR?

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