New military model being dubbed the "Nintendo Medal"


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Feb 5, 2013
They have created a new military award for the first time in 70 years, but some people are upset about it because it doesn't require people to be in action. It's intended for people who are honorable "from afar."

Critics have panned it as the “Chair-borne Medal,” “the Nintendo Medal,” “Distant Warfare Medal” and “the Purple Buttocks,” alluding to fact that computer-based warriors do their work from a chair, among other names.


We Nintendo players kick butt, too! We're always, uh, stomping on mushrooms and avoiding falling off cliffs and all sorts of important things. Now dare they drag our name down in this, too. ;)

(I'll admit. I heard someone mention the new "Nintendo medal" earlier and I thought they were talking about actual Nintendo achievements....or that maybe there was a new 'model' coming out. Oops.)
That's just crazy. Not sure to find it cool or insulting. :p My dad was a marine and served in 'nam, not sure how I feel about this medal....

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