New Nintendo 3DS XL VS. Original 3DS XL


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Nov 12, 2015
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I am trying to decide which one to get for my son for Christmas. He has played the new one on display in stores and loves it. He also loves his older brother's. He's almost 4 though.. so i'm not sure what to do. Whether to spend less money and get the older 3DS XL or spend more and get the new one which may or may not have new games eventually that he wouldn't be able to play on the old 3DS XL. I would already turn 3D off for him in parental controls since he is too young for that. I know we want to go with the 3DS XL.. just not sure which model. He obviously is not a hard core gamer or anything.. and he doesn't care about some of the things that someone who plays the games hardcore would. I'm just trying to decide which way is the best to go. I want something that will last him awhile, which has me leaning towards the new one. But I don't really know much about it.. or if he would really be missing much if we get the older one? Any advice?? Thank you all so much!
i have an original 3ds, my daughter has an XL, and recently i got the New 3ds XL. The major differences I notice playing the new 3ds XL is that now i can actually play in 3d, and load times are a little bit faster. Also, only the newest games make use of that little "c stick." It operates the camera in Majora's Mask, etc.

i completely understand not wanting a youngster playing in 3d, so maybe the normal XL may be the choice. The old 3ds screen is too small. Hope this helps!
Thanks for your input. When I say older 3DS.. I mean the older 3DS XL.. I defintiely want the XL.. I like the size of it. And I saw him play it at the store and he did fine with it. Plus he has two older brothers.. But, it's not a big deal to turn off the 3D for him.. I wasn't sure how important that "c" stick would be for him or the games he would play..
One negative to the new 3DS XL is the lack of color options.
Yes color options and protective cases for some reason.
I think you're just future-proofing your console longer by getting the newer system. But on the other hand, he's not even four years old yet, and by the time he's old enough to care about the differences, Nintendo will likely have a new handheld out. :)

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