New Phoenix Wright!


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May 7, 2014
A while ago a new Phoenix Wright game that takes place over a century in the past featuring an ancestor of Phoenix Wright. Anyone else plan to get this game? I definitely will get it! I've been a huge fan of PW since the first game lol.
Yup, I LOVE Phoenix Wright and I'm super excited for this new game. The new releases are really piling up for the 3ds and fast!
I only played P.W. Ace Attorney on the DSi.
I liked the game a lot, but it got a little boring after a while. I continued playing it just because of the story :)
Hey! Phoenix Wright, or rather, the Ace Attorney series is a text-driven game from Capcom. Basically, you play the role of an attorney (as the title suggests), you defend a client on a court of law, and you investigate your current case. Pretty entertaining, if you don't mind reading lots and lots.

Anyway, I hope they release an English version of it, and I hope we get to see a physical copy.
Does anyone have the news for this? Any more details? I'm pretty damn hyped about this. I can still remember staying up until morning trying finish the last case of Trials and Tribulations.
I'm totally planning to get the newest Phoenix Wright game! I've loved the Ace Attorney series ever since I played the first game. However, I still need to get Dual Destinies, so I'll probably get that one first.
Oh my goodness! I had no idea another Phoenix Wright game was in the works! I love the series and have played every single game so far.

The idea of playing Phoenix's ancestor is intriguing and I can't wait to see what the cases are all about! Hopefully the setting is a century ago in Japan, as I love the style of that era.

I'm so excited!

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