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Dec 23, 2013
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i saw a pic of a kid playing it, using the gamepad to control it. It's being announced at E3. i want that for Christmas. The wii u's graphics and sound is ready for this kind of game. Cant wait
Man, I think the last time I played this series was on the N64, that makes me feel old.

Though it sucks it took a whole year for Nintendo to hopefully announce more on this series.
Thanks for the link! Definitely looking forward to seeing more on E3! Hope it doesn't get delayed like the new Zelda did.
I'm very interested. its high time to branch out into something different. id love to see a new Metroid also
I absolutely love the Star Fox series and am incredibly excited for this one. Star Fox 64 was the highlight of the series, one of the most perfect games ever created. I still play it on occasion and I hope Star Fox for the Wii U will be just as good. We were promised a Star Fox during the Wii's lifespan but that never materialized, finally Nintendo are making good on their promise.
Hey guys, ya see the trailer for Star Fox Zero?
As an avid SF fan, I say this would definitely appease the masses
(Considering no big change last-minute)
ehhh, I wasn't too thrilled with the star fox game really. They are hinting at motion controls which is a big turn off for me and plus they need active use of the gamepad which can be a pain looking up and down constantly.
A new Star Fox would be awesome! Star Fox is definitely one of my favorite Nintendo games and have been waiting awhile for a new one. Lets hope this happens!
I just watched some of the gameplay on Youtube and it looks pretty good. It reminds me of the oldschool Starfox games, not the recent ones that were trenched in Zelda-clone clothing. I'm interested as to how the controls will feel, but it definitely looks like a game worth checking out.

Starfox 64 will live forever in the echelons of multiplayer greatness.

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