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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)

I am very new to Metroid, all I own is a 3DS. I was wondering in which order the games should be played in but how I can access them. Does anyone know if they're on the nintendo E Shop? I would be willing to buy them

I think the original Metroid for NES is one of the best games ever made, but I have no idea if a newcomer who's used to playing newer games would like it.
i recently did Super Metroid, but idk if its on the 3ds shop. it was super fun. i haven't played the original since it first came out. yes I'm that old
Download a Super nintendo emulator, like Zsnes and play Super Metroid. Its one of the greatest video games ever and easily the best Metroid to start with. The original nes has a few problems IMO. Very nice picture by the way ;D

After you beat Super Metroid you should play the GBA games and Metroid Prime series, just avoid Other M and you'll be fine!
Oh thanks! :)

Sweet where can I download an emulator? I have only used one once and I have no idea how it works or anything? Is it illegal? Do I have to purchase it?
He's talking about an unofficial emulator which involves downloading a game ROM ripped from the cartridge, so that discussion doesn't belong here. We want to stay on Nintendo's good side.
Opps, I forgot about that, sorry. If you have a Wii you can easily download the game legally on the Virtual channel.
Okay so if I had a wii I could get access to it, but do you know if I could get it on the 3DS some how? I am not sure I am really ready to buy a wii.
yep, 4.99 on the e shop. I'm surprised they don't have super metroid though. have fun!
Oh sweet are you serious? It's on the eshop? And it's just called Metroid? 4.99 that's really not bad.

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