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Jun 26, 2014
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Hello everybody,

My name is Tommy and I been making games for about 5 years or so, and last month I got approved by Nintendo to make games for Wii U. I am so happy and excited because since I was 4 years old my dream has been to make games for Nintendo, and now 23 years later its finally happening :)

Here is some very early images my upcoming Wii U game Swipe Knight.


Swipe knight is a metroidvania game with many unique features and game mechanics. One of the most outstanding mechanics is that you control the character by swiping the touchscreen.

Swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide.
Swipe in the direction the hero is walking to attack.
Swipe in the opposite direction to turn around and walk in the other direction.
Swipe down while jumping to do a down thrust.
And more.

This might sound a bit weird to some of you, but I will post a trailer of the game in about a week or so and then you will understand that it’s not as weird as it seems, its actually really comfortable.

Players can also control the hero with the left analog stick in which work in the same way as the swipes.

The idea came from all these popular mobile games like Cookie run and Subway surf, they have a particular addictive feel to them.

I wanted to capture the addictive gameplay of those games and put it in a metroidvania style setting. The result is something truly unique.

You get the best of 2 worlds, the simple addictive gameplay elements of a casual game taken to a whole new level mixed with the excitement of exploring a vast world, finding new items, fighting huge bosses and all that good stuff.


Swipe Knight does not only have 1, but 2 stories. The main story which will be about 65% of the game is focusing on how the leader of a cult is trying to resurrect an evil demon who’s soul has been trapped inside a ghost ship.


The other story which will be about 35% of the game, is found in the secret areas and will progress more every time you find a new secret area of the game. So the game has a big emphasis on exploration and secrets to say the least!

As a gamer I have always been fascinated by games with interesting world themes, that’s why Mario Land 2 with all its unique worlds is one of my favorite Mario games.


So even though you will visit more common worlds like a desert, forest, hell and so on, will you also visit worlds with more unique themes like:
Cyberpunk Zone
Boardgame World
30s Cartoon Alley
Survival-horror Mansion
Garden of Love
To name a few.
Most of the world’s shown here have been the more common ones, and if you want to see the more wacky ones then come back here on a regular basis because I am going to post some of them here in the coming updates.
But it’s not just the looks of the worlds that will make them different from one and other, each world will have its own unique set of enemies, puzzles, obstacles and gimmicks.

You probably wonder what crazy gameplay that will make use of both screens at once, right? Well the 2 screens will be used in many different ways, but without saying to much let me leave you with this:

You can control the hero with either swipes or the left analog stick, so it only takes ONE hand to control ONE character. The Wii U gamepad have TWO analog sticks and one touchscreen, and TWO screens. So there will be parts where you are controlling 2 characters separated from each other at the same time, one on each screen.

I don’t want to give away any more of my 2 screen ideas, because I don’t want to see them end up in someone else’s game before I released mine, but hopefully I got you excited by now.

More info coming soon :)

Thank you for taking your time to look at my work.

I will keep you all updated on the progress here in the thread, but you can also follow me on my facebook page , just send a friend request if you like what you see here.
I don't suppose you've submitted a preview build of your game to anyone? All I can find about your game is a thread on IGN with the same text as this one.
Nope not yet, right now I am just trying to get people aware of the game. I just started posting about it yesterday :) And I will be posting updates about it all week and in the end of the week I will post a trailer of the game. Lets start with some bosses
Comoth is the first boss of the game.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an update on the game ;)

As I probably stated earlier is there still a couple of important game mechanics that I haven’t mentioned yet. So let’s take a look at one of the:

First of all, this game concept is kind of like Battle Kid in the regard that it’s a metroidvania game with each screen being its own unique challenge, and yes I did get some inspiration from that game.

So it’s not like Mario or Sonic where you run and run and the camera follow you through the entire stage, no. Instead the is game divided in to short segments.

Now to the interesting part ;) Since this is a metroidvania game you are of course going to find new weapons and items. But instead of you going to a start menu and choose what weapon or item you want to use will the game automatically do it for you. What the hero carries in his hand when he enters a screen is what that segment is going to be based around.

(the framerate is not correct in this Gif, it's a bit too slow, it was either this or a bit too fast)

That allows me to create segments that are completely built around the gimmick of a particular item or weapon. I am aiming for huge variety in gameplay. I also want to point out that if you enter a screen that is based around an item or weapon that you don’t have yet then the hero will just carry a sword.

…Also here is another image of the time traveling boss Janus ;)

Janus will have you travel through timeduring the boss fight ;)
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Well that's good to hear at least. Sorry was just wondering if there was any more information out there, you know?
just be patient until the end of the week ;)

Todays update, lets take a look at some enemy animations ;) All these will appear in the trailer later this week.


More to come...

PS) That hydra is a boss and you have to jump in the air and do a down-thrust in his forehead when he attacks to kill him :)
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And here is a image of the hero stabbing that same hydra in the head (this is gameplay).
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Well it's certainly coming along nicely from what I can see! Can't wait for the full trailer and announcement now that I've got a look at some of it
Mr Wormhole should have a moutache and a pipe to smoke.
You need to go over the writing in the Indiegogo project, because you've made some fairly big errors which might put some people off sponsoring you =/

Why Indiegogo by the way and not Kickstater?
Please point out exactly what errors and I will fix them ASAP. Becasue Kickstarter is only for Americans, and I am Swedish :)