New Zelda Game? So confused...


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Feb 17, 2015
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So, I was looking into Zelda: Hyrule Warriors as @dustinb12 so kindly mentioned, but I am a bit confused. For those trying to help me out, please over look my ignorance--I am not as up to date with the gaming world as I would like to be.

When looking for reviews and prices for this game, I came across other forums and sites that stated there would be a new Zelda game released in 2015...

So Zelda:Hyrule Warriors and this mentioned game are not the same game right? This is the webpage that has me thrown off. I know it sounds silly but I am slightly confused.
two different games, Hyrule Warriors is a crossover with the Dynasty Warriors games, which i have never played, but I'm having a blast as previously stated.(id be more than happy to tell all about it)

So in other words, by the end of this year, technically, the wii u will be home to 2 Zeldas. The new footage looks awesome, how you feel about Epona not running up on a tree? Cant wait
Thanks! That's what I was understanding. In the back of my mind, I was like why would Nintendo release 2 Zelda games for the Wii-U within a year of each other? Oh well.

@dustinb12 I am a very hands on person and I love surprises so, for now, I'll have to decline any spoilers. I really appreciate the offer but I hate watching trailers because they give away too much. I am weird I know but none the less your help is much appreciated ^_^
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