Newbie confuses ......... terminology


Jun 19, 2021
Switch Lite
I am new in video game system. I bought this Nintendo Switch Lite only a month ago.
There are terminologies/lingo I am totally confused. Will appreciate very much if someone educates me.
Questions, what is the following terminology and its difference ........
1. Open world games?
2. Indies games?
3. Platform player?
I am clueless!!
Thank you.
@davidhk129 well, i guess open world would be like Zelda; Breath of the Wild. Indies, im not real sure. Platform: Mario or Donkey Kong. It's Nintendo, you can't go wrong. You will have fun no matter what you get.
Thank you.
I just bought a "pre-own" Donkey Kong Country from for C$50 + C$15 shipping.
Looking forward to play that.
Indies mean not made by a huge company like Nintendo or Microsoft. Hollow Knight would be a example and so would Celeste. Those are some of the greatest indies. Usually made by less than 100 people who are passionate about video games. They usually aren’t graphically impressive but their quality comes more in Gameplay and Story.
indie games, such as the cave story version absolute the cracked version.
Okay! So:

1. Open world games are games where you can go, more or less, wherever you want. The level design isn't linear, like in most games.
2. "Indies games" are just games designed by independent developers. Usually smaller companies.
3. Platformers are games where you control a character who runs and jumps, and often you run and jump on platforms.

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