Nintendo Direct 3.3.16 at 5PM EST!


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
Hey guys! I am hyped to announce that there will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, 3.3.16, at 5PM EST. I am excited to see what new stuff they will talk about. Maybe even some NX news, you never know! :D Another bonus is that it is a day before my birthday, on March 4th. I don't know, I just thought it was cool. :p

What are you expecting to see tomorrow in the direct?

Your welcome. :) I see that you are new to the site. Welcome! Do you play Smash for Wii U?
Dang! Didn't expect one of these to pop up. If there is any real content I'll write an article for our site on the info, who knows what could pop in one a Nintendo Direct.
I'm really excited! There have been a few leaks
Monster Hunter Generations was leaked, and alongside it some other stuff including SNES games on new 3DS
but none of them have argued against Pokemon Sun and Moon making an appearance. pls game freak

also I wanna see Paper Mario Wii U since that's been rumored for a while
DAYUM them leaks look fantastic. I'm stoked now, like beyond stoked. I totally agree, a Paper Mario on Wii U would be great (especially if we returned to classic PM like PM:TTYD). Also, plz Earthbound title... plz? New one? :D

One thing that I was pondering the other day. Even though we have the PokeBank on the 3DS now, I wonder if they will ever bring back the functionality of pokemon ranch again, enrich it and turn it into the "daycare" function of a pokemon game, or an alternative day care option.
Oh my goodness! I'M SO EXCITED! :eek: Thank you so much for telling us this @Y0shiM0n , I can't wait for it! :D I really hope they talk more about Zelda U and maybe tell us a little about the NX! Also, I'm still hoping that they'll announce an HD remake for Super Mario Sunshine (then again, I guess they said they'll be no more major Mario games on the Wii U, but maybe it'll happen on the NX someday). ^O^

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