Nintendo eShop can't view mature games and I'm not sure why


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Oct 23, 2017
On the Nintendo eShop in the USA for the Nintendo Switch I am unable to view games that are rated m for mature or above with the USA esrb rating system used by most, if not all Nintendo Switch games (I don't know of any higher esrb ratings, but it definitely appears to be m for mature games being the lowest rating effected by this). Games of this rating show up in recent games, coming soon, etc. but when I click on any of the games to view more info, the games description and the page were you start the purchase process of a game, I get a message that says "You are not eligible to purchase or view information about this software."
I was there at Walmart on launch day with my mom when I bought my Nintendo Switch on her credit card (I gave her physical cash to place a preorder which got cancelled as I bought it the day after they started taking preorders and not the day of and she used her credit card to buy the console at Walmart on launch day when I went to Walmart to buy one) and my time there was pretty brief. I have no knowledge of any age restrictions set up or anything. The parental controls are not in use by family or myself, and were only briefly turned on as I wondered what exactly the features of it were.
The highest rated game I currently own is Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers that is rated T for teen and am most interested out of all the M for mature titles in Skyrim, which I am unable to view info about on the eShop. Some, but not all of the other games I cannot view info about on the eShop include Butcher, Vacine and the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Also I have purchased one game off the eShop which is Minecraft, so purchasing and viewing the eShop isn't disabled on my Switch, only viewing and purchasing M for Mature games.
My family doesn't really care about the ratings, but wouldn't want me playing anything that is graphic such as realistic killing in GTA V, but a game like Skyrim I have been able to openly speak to them about and would be allowed to play.
And for people wondering if I am to young to play M for Mature games, I am 15 years old and my birthday is in March each year, so I personally feel I am old enough and mature enough to play these kinds of games. Although, I prefer to try to avoid that high of a rating, Skyrim will be one of my very few exceptions, and will be my very first M for Mature video game I'll ever own if I get it on it's release date or shortly after.

How can I view info about and be able to purchase M for Mature games? I would mostly like to view info about Skyrim at the moment, and there are no other M for Mature games on the USA Nintendo eShop I am really interested in right now.
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Still in need of an answer to this question, especially before any m for mature games come out that I want, so I can learn a bit more about them before I purchase them
Something in settings maybe? I don't have a switch, so can't help too much. Sorry!
Legally, you need to be 18 or older to purchase an M-rated game. Since you're not 18, Nintendo can't allow you to buy it. You'll have to buy the cartridge version or I heard that you can buy the game digitally on the Nintendo website from your computer, then download it on your Switch. Not sure if that works.
Well this is kind of old now, but now that I have a switch mine lets me view mature content without restrictions. Maybe your mom has that nintendo parents app things and has something to do with it there?
Heigw, your account age is most likely set to over 18. I don't have any parental controls set, but since my account age is my actual age I'm not allowed to view the games by law.