Nintendo FINALLY implementing cross-buys for free


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Jan 29, 2014
Seems like Curve Digital is the first to have this option available with the title OlliOlli. Seems like you can register NNID accounts (MULTIPLE) on the Wii U, buy the game on the Wii U while logged into one of the NNID accounts, & you can then download the game on any 3DS. For FREEEEE! Not discounted, like with other games. Here's what Curve Digital had to say about it:

"Before opting in to Nintendo's Buy One Get One Free initiative, the company made clear that we could do it one of two ways, and both were potentially open to exploitation beyond our control. Despite this, we're very happy with the cross-buy sales on Nintendo's platforms so far, and will be taking part in the initiative again where possible."
well its about time. Nintendo love aside, do you think it made any sense to charge me $1 to move Pacman and Donkey Kong from the wii channel to the wii u side? And seriously, what harm could it do to move them to my 3ds, where they really belong in the first place? Thanks for the info
They were really nickel & diming that aspect for a while now. I understand the need to make money but there are easier ways & more lucrative ways. This was just making change that made users angry. That's never a good thing.