Nintendo game pick ups 10/10/2015


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Sep 26, 2015
Today I traded two games one for the PC that I didn't need the other one is a double of a Wii U game I have already. Games are,

2 NES: F-15 Strike Eagle, Thunder & Lighting
1 GCN: Sonic Mega Collection
2 Wii: Been 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks, UP
Those are some really great pics. I remember F-15 Strike Eagle for the NES fondly. Sonic Mega Collection on the GameCube is also an excellent pick and should keep your occupied for hours. I've never owned any of the games you picked up for the Wii but you should enjoy them. :)
I might get the Color TV Games that were made by Nintendo, back in the late 1970's. I'm also still looking for the Arcade of Radar Scope that was made by Nintendo.
F-15 Strike Eagle was awesome! I remember when simulations and MicroProse used to go hand-in-hand. They developed some of the best sim games (or any game for that matter) including a little title some of you may remember called Sid Meier's Civilization (for PC). I also spent hours playing Grand Prix II with a steering wheel and pedals (again, for PC).
I just checked the rarity on the NES Thunder & lighting. And it's a Rare game. The game is made by Romstar.

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