Nintendo games as theme park rides


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Oct 22, 2014
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Since Nintendo announced it's deal with Universal Studios, we've been thinking a lot about how awesome a Nintendo theme park would be.

What games/franchises/characters would you want to see turned into a theme park ride?

Here's a few of our picks :)

The Legend of Zelda: Death Mountain Roller Coaster

Come on. Tell me that wouldn't be epic.
Well I do see a a few rides inline with Nintendo's more popular characters. Mario water park and yes a Yoshi kiddie rides. We don't know if it's going to be in the theme parks or cinematic. Who know's?
Pretty much all Nintendo franchises would make for great theme park rides. They've all got that magical quality and appeal to the young and the old. Nintendo is the Walt Disney of the videogaming world so they should certainly capitalize on this idea. Personally, I'd head straight for the Legend of Zelda ride as I expect that would be one of my favorites. Alternatively, I'd love a Yoshi's Island ride and could be quintessential for any theme park anywhere in the world.
Mario Bumper-Karts (like Mario Kart LOL)
Yoshi Island ride, mandatory like others said.
Zora's Domain, a Water Park!
@Y0shiM0n Oh man, a Smash Bros ride would be so nuts. Would it be some kind of fighting obstacle course?

@Shimus Heck yes it would be epic!! Easily the crown jewel of the entire park. And A Zora's Domain water park would be pretty fun. They could sell Zora flippers!

@joshposh Yoshi would make for some great kiddie rides. We'd love to see them all.

@Damien Lee Nintendo is totally the Disney of gaming. Never really thought of it that way. We have very high hopes for Zelda rides!
Aye, blue zora flippers before you can even get in is a must, or renting out Zora-suits (wet suits made to look like Zora) or putting on a Blue TUNIC or something themed. LOL. I'd be the guy in the middle of the water park with iron boots on walking on the bottom. *Coughs*
I think that Donkey Kong would make for a decent theme park ride, especially given how easily the Donkey Kong Country franchise's classic mine cart levels would translate into a roller coaster. Moreover, Donkey Kong is a big enough brand that the notion of making a ride based upon it wouldn't necessarily be immediately dismissed out-of-hand.

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