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Sep 19, 2012
After several months of speculation, I think it's finally appropriate for us to call the final name of the Nintendo "NX" console. Based on the fresh rumors from Eurogamer, including the newly revealed details about the system's purported portability, detachable controllers, and its ability to dock to a home base, it's starting to look more and more likely that the NX will in fact be Nintendo's "on the go" system.

Couple these details with the success of a little mobile game that involves catching Pokemon and is currently taking over the world, and this new name will roll off everyone's tongues without any training required. If you think about it, the media has already been using "Nintendo" and "Go" in the same sentence for two months. Nintendo's marketing department would love it. "Nintendo Go" is easy, short, brandable, and recognizable.

We believe that Nintendo Go is the most logical and obvious name for the upcoming Nintendo console and that it's likely going to be the final product name.

P.S. Expect trademarks to be filed worldwide and the domain to be handed over by the current owner to Nintendo, either voluntarily or by force (i.e. UDRP), real soon.
yeah makes sense. Im totally intrigued now as to what they have planned for us now that we've been reminded we CAN walk!
I was just about to post this. Here's the link where I found it.


If this is true then I'm glad they didn't go head to head with Sony and Microsoft in the tradition console sense. They struck it rich with Pokemon Go, so might as well take advantage of it.
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I think it's a stupid name for a console. But we had the New 3DS and the Wii U so I suppose anything is possible.
yeah asking in a store if they have any "New 3ds XL cases or covers" was a dang mouth full and confusing for employees
I think it just shows that the actual name of a product goes a long way towards what people think of it, and a name can sometimes even make or break a product. Nintendo in the past haven't exactly had the best names for their devices and even though they have still sold, I'd imagine that's more to do with the fact that it's actually made by Nintendo than for the other name of the device.
Nintendo On
Nintendo Verse
Nintendo Ni
Nintendo Neptune
Nintendo DDS (Dual DS)
Nintendo NeXt (It's what's NeXt)
Nintendo Link
Nintendo X
Nintendo WiiMii
Nintendo Us.

All these suck but so will whatever the final name is. Nintendo is garbage when it comes to naming their systems.
They haven't been the best, as your list shows but really if the console is good enough then even though it does, the name shouldn't matter all that much really. Sony aren't exactly dynamic when it comes to their systems either. Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4...not exactly groundbreaking is it, but people know what they are getting and it's that what matters. If Nintendo can produce a console that can do everything a gamer wants, the s**t name can be overlooked.
Let's just call it there Nintendo Entertainment System 7 (Nintendo's ES7) then just increment the number every generation. It makes more sense than the Xbox One being the Third generation.
SEGA named things cool.

Maybe Nintendo should just call the NX every code name ever into one name. The Nintendo Atlantis Dolphin Revolution Nitro Cafe.
I also think that as far as console names go, Sega have done a better job than anybody but in the great scheme of things they were the first company to pack up and call it a day when it came to brining out consoles so a good name didn't do them any good. I'd be in favour or Nintendo just sticking to the NES name, and seeing as though we have now seen the release of the NES classic, for the next new console how about something along the lines of NES evolution? Ok, maybe not that exactly, but you know what I mean? A name that is recognised but at the same time one that shows people just how far they have come.
I would say that it is a pretty good guess at this point. After considering all of those facts that you mention, and just noting the popularity of the release of Pokemon Go, you would think that they would just say "okay, we've got it" and apply the name there too. You can never be too sure, though, and maybe they are keeping something from us that will be a surprise. That is what I am hoping for, at least, but we shall see.
Regarding the Eurogamer rumors....
I'm concerned about the part about "docking" the unit with a TV. Having to "dock" and "break away" the controller just seems overly complicated, and prone to breaking over time.

I wonder if it is feasible at this point in time, to have some kind of an HDMI dongle, which pairs with the NX for some kind of "wireless" docking with a TV?
If they could get it right they could really enter the market with a name that people would be familiar with but I don't know how much of it would be plagiarism. I'm sure that they could pay off the fine if it went to court, but would it hurt the brand?

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