Nintendo IPs that I should try out


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Jun 27, 2016
I want to explore the world of Nintendo more and I want to know a lot of their other IPs more of which many praise a lot.

The list of Nintendo IP that I love and value are as follows:

1. Mario
2. Kirby
3. Donkey Kong
4. Zelda
5. Wario

These are the IP that I always get into quite often.

Recent new ones that I tried out are as follows:
1. Fire Emblem( my personal favorite series ever since I got Awakening)
2. Animal Crossing
3. Xenoblade Chronicles
4. Kid Icarus
5. Star Fox
6. Metroid
7. Golden Sun
8. Wii Sports
9. Pushmo

I want to get into more IPs that Nintendo has made. So if anyone has a suggestion, let me know here. A few things to note is that it should be a series that's either published or created by Nintendo.

And I purposefully avoided Pokemon even though I get into that often because many seem to claim that its not owned by Nintendo.
Wars series. Famicom Wars or Advance Wars
Earthbound. 2 kinds of people,those who like Earthbound and those who are wrong.
Sin and Punishment series. Not Nintendo developed but owned
Fatal Frame is a Nintendo co owned IP
If it wasn't in Japanese I'd say go for Captain Rainbow to see Birdo with a Dildo. Nope not joking.
I wish Giftpia was in English.
Pikmin is another
PIlotwings (SNES and N64 not the 3ds crap)
Golden Sun
for sure Pikmin and i don't see Splatoon anywhere up there. That is the freshest game IMO they had in a while.
Pokemon? It is by Game freak but Pokemon is practically Nintendo lol.
^Yeah I love Pokemon as well and I got nearly every single main game out there, but like I said earlier, its not exactly a Nintendo IP from what I've read....
^ Nintendo is 1/3 the owners of Pokemon Company. It's a Nintendo IP,It's a Game Freak IP and it's a Pokemon Company IP. It equally belongs to all 3.

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