Nintendo is a Supreme Dream


Jan 29, 2021
No seriously, i'm here to show my love and passion for gaming. Maybe learn some new stuff. Sooo here's a little story on my gaming history, and it is super dear to me. It keeps me together as the adult I am today.
First, my basics.
I'm 29 now, i'm a leo .
My first Game was technically Super Mario Deluxe for Gameboy Color. The level i wasn't able to get past was-I believe 82.
Prior to receiving a gameboy, I had played my parent's Nintendo Console, but didn't show much interest at the time.
My second game I Ever owned was Pokemon Red. This really kicked off some important stuff for me -fun wise- as well as a coping mechanism for life.
My first encounter with Nintendo was at a store called KB Toys I had noticed the Pikachu Plush, and "HAD TO HAVE IT", jumping with joy and exclaiming how i'd been good , I was able to convince them to get it for me, and I also was able to pull off adding a Pokemon Figureine, the Rattata and Raticate one.
(This was shortly before i got red version, this is what got me wanting red version.)
Once I saw that commercial that it was a game, i flipped out. I was officially undoubtedly addicted to catchin' em all after while.
It felt warm, it felt great. Was something that meant a lot to me. As a kid, if i was not interested, i simply could not pay attention. Pokemon was something that kept my crazy mind occupied. Saved me and my parents a lot of greif. IDK . That's just how it all started. Pokemon. I digress.

IN CONCLUSION : the other nintendo games I love is stuff like Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, Animal Crossing.mario...... and of course you know i try the other nintendo games,,,, but , too many to list. :p I'm trying to expand my gaming abilities and become a good gamer again. I simply suck at mario these days. why is that?
THanks for reading. Hope we can be friends. Reach out some how, links below and in my profile. DM ME, whatever, let's bring back the forums golden days :p
WEEE<_< i'm too outgoing. sorry.
don't be sorry! you're in the right place. So, Animal Crossing. Are you ready for Carnivale? I kinda remember it from New Leaf.
I actually love the vibe of the game, and the festivale stuff is great for my island which is sorta themed tropical. . Relaxing, my island is coming together. If you'd care to visit my island, i may add you on switch. Expect a friend request from Raichu Bae.
Awesome! Festivale, sorry don't know where i got Carnivale from.

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