Nintendo is better than Microsoft and Sony

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)

Alright I am Jack and lets talk today about the three competitors of gaming.

I have been constantly been bullied by other people online saying that I am a retard for liking Nintendo and I should just kill myself because I am Nintendrone with no life.

So I wanted to prove these haters wrong and I conducted research. And I found out the answer of who is better than the other.

The answer is........ Who the fuck cares, [deleted], they all suck! There are kids dying in Africa yet you all are bitching over a gadget that does something.

Playstation 4 is that one japanese boy at school who is handsome, yet he is a dick to his followers. He has the best graphics, he's expensive, but he has terrible customer support and he has no backwards compatibility.

Xbox One is a white boy almost as popular as the PS4, and has most of Playstation 4's pros, but he has worse games and his only friend is the internet.

Nintendo Wii U is that little in-between guy at school, he has a lot of celebrity friends but he is uglier in graphics and he is fading into obscurity.

So everyone fucking loses! To all those people who want to brag and argue about each other's consoles... You are just stupid, [deleted].

(This page is a parody of Filthy Frank's Mac is better than PC video)
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Get a smartphone. It plays Xenoblade X trailers on the go, and the media will support you. :)
While the OP is a bit harsh, I'm kind of getting the picture of what they're trying to say, and who does care what console you prefer?

I've got a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox ONE and I've also had Nintendo, Sega, name it. Why DO people have to choose one?
^ Yes but I've seen the OP make some very good points and rants before. I'm afraid this thread isn't it. He mentions that children are starving in Africa. The proper response to that is, "What does the world being terrible have to do with me playing video games as a hobby? I use video games to escape reality."

We just don't know how to take this thread. If he's being funny, it's confusing. If he's being serious, he didn't really make good points for bringing forth such a big subject.

I'm not trying to flame him or create drama, again I wasn't the first to not know how to respond to this. And I've made some questionable threads before myself, so I've been there. I am just saying that, with all due respect, this thread doesn't achieve much if it is trying to achieve something. Don't take offense to my words. I still don't have a problem with this thread or the OP.

Just say that people who bash consoles are posers who don't really play video games because they are too busy bashing and be done with it. :p
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I did say the post was a bit harsh, and the comparisons made and the language used was extreme to say the least. I was just trying to pick out the point he was trying to make and agree.

For years now there seems to have been a war going on as to what console is best, and then another one going on between PC's and consoles, and me personally think it's a bit silly. People play what they like, and just because a person has a Nintendo or Xbox, doesn't mean they're not allowed to play games on a PX or a PlayStation. That's all I was saying.
@Jack Lovejoy Oh my swirls, you flippin' nailed me! I AM A WII U! (long time ago now,) In high school i was the ex-football player/wrestling geek/decent grades/ugly ring leader of a group of same misfit wrestling fans. We had the country boy, the big boy, the boy who though he was Seinfeld, the poor foreign new kid whose English was rough, the one whose parents made him sign up for the military, you know THAT crew. After i lost a few pounds, i could pull a lady here and there but nothing serious, what with that butt-cutt i had. Oh good times man!
I think this was supposed to be a joke. He was trying to be like Filthy Frank who says really vulgar things for the sake of comedy.
Of course it was a joke, well...I assumed it was? I just pointed out that there was actually some good points made behind all the profanity and controversial comments.

Anybody that takes offence at the OP needs to get a sense of humour, but they also should take the points he makes seriously aswell.
Yeah, that's probably what he meant. Sorry if what I said is a little blunt or missing the point, but I hadn't taken my medicine yet and I was up all night playing video games and watching cartoons on Hulu.
Like I've said before my friend, there's no reason to apologise for being blunt and direct when making a point. Sometimes it's better to say it as it is, that way people won't get your opinions twisted and they'll know exactly how you feel.
Between Steam and Wii U/3DS I find I can access 95% of all the games I want to play (with 75% on Nintendo). I have little interest in the PS4, and will only consider the Xbox One if I can play my Steam Library on it.
I have edited the original post. Suicide is not a joking matter, parody or not.
I did have a feeling that the OP had crossed the line, and even though I'd say most of the members on here took it for what it was, a parody or controversial post, there will be new members that would be offended by the wording.
Why concern yourself at all in the first place? They are designed to help you have fun, the people that often can have all 3 do. Either you like video games or you don't, the consoles are just the middle man.
Why concern yourself at all in the first place? They are designed to help you have fun, the people that often can have all 3 do. Either you like video games or you don't, the consoles are just the middle man.

Having all the consoles, many as you can afford is definitely the way to go. That way then at least you don't have to decide which is the best or you don't have to pick one side or the other. Sure, we all love Nintendo but that doesn't mean it automatically makes the other consoles rubbish.

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